Virginia Beach Invitational Tournament Diary!!

Friday 9pm
We'll I'm here at Va. Beach and the weather is HORRIBLE!!  Windy, raining, cold. 
To make things worse, I STILL don't know where our playing site is tomorrow.  I'm going to have to leave our hotel, drive 20 miles, get the info at 10pm, then call all the parents.   :(  
However, this Hylton is a wonderful place to be!!  THANKS for Danielle & Stephanie for making these reservations!!  I have a wonderful view, great room, and nice HD TV. 
I'll try to find time to post our schedule & playing site on here when I get back here.

Saturday 9:44pm
Great day!!
The team played with a lot of heart and played hard.
No lights.  : (   If you weren't there, have your daughter tell you all about it.  JEEEEZE
Our first pool was supposed to start at 8, but since the lights didn't come on until 8:20, our net started around 8:45. 
We beat Low Country from Myrtle Beach, 2-0.  We were down 18-22 in the 2nd game, but Sam & Erika went in and really gave us a lift!!
Then we beat Piedmont East (Martinsville, VA) 2-0.
After that we beat NVVA Loudoun 2-0, and we finished our first pool by beating Club Cary Crush 2-0.  Wow, that 2nd game was nerve wracking, as we were behind 17-21 before coming back!
This is the first tournament I can ever remember where all the teams that were came in first place on their 1st net were placed together on the 2nd net.
Our first match was against the Blue Ridge 15's.  We beat them 2-1 at EC Glass, then 2-0 at the State Championships last week.  But they played much better today, hitting, digging...........we won the first game 25-23, lost the 2nd 13-25, then won a tight 3rd game 15-13.  GREAT JOB GIRLS!!!
Our SIXTH and final match of the day was against the Tidewater 14-1 team..........they are a GREAT passing, serving, setting & hitting team.  And beat us pretty good!  But we wrote the scores in our hands.  And we'll see it tonight every time we look down.  Hopefully, we'll get another shot at them tomorrow.

We play vs. RVC 15Z tomorrow at 10am. 
Will write more later!!

Tuesday morning, 10:16
This is the first time I've had a few minutes to do some typing. 

We showed up at the Landstown Middle School on Sunday morning for a 10am match vs. RVC 15Z.  The coach told me, "We lost to Blue Ridge in 3, we're hitting pretty well, but we can't hit enough b/c we're just not passing!"  But in the first game, they were hitting & passing & serving tough, etc.  They had us 22-19 and 24-23, but we won 28-26.  In the 2nd game we won 25-11.  So we advance to the playoffs as the 2nd best team in the tournament!!!   All right!!!
We drove to Green Run High School for the FIRST ROUND OF PLAYOFFS vs. Delaware Juniors.  We won 25-8, 25-12.  Everything was working.......we were serving, passing, setting, digging, and HITTING!!!  The parents cheered & cheered while sitting on the wresting mats and the high jump mats. 
SECOND ROUND PLAYOFFS vs. Low Country.  We played a great match.  We played the best we played all year long!!   But we lost 25-23, 22-25, 11-15.  They're a great team!  But so are we.

Thank you Sam, Gina, Kristen, Stephanie & Kendall for staying & working the final match!!  You guys really sacrificed for your team. 

I'm so proud of my team.
I'm so proud of each of my players.
Thank you for making this season such a wonderful experience for us all!

Coach Houser