Junior Training Academy
January - March 2023!!


Last update: August 4, 2022, 6:09pm

The details!
Dates:  Friday January 6 through Friday March 31, 2023
Location:  Penn Forest Worship Center, 3735 Chaparral, Roanoke, 24018
Cost:  $275 for all 13 sessions.   That's about $20/session!!
Maximum # of athletes allowed:  ~20
Frequency:  Once a week, on Fri evenings. Maybe one or two will be on Saturday mornings, but we're not expecting that.
Length:  2 hours each, 630 to 830pm.

A List Of Dates & Times! 
Fri Jan 6, 630 to 830
Fri Jan 13, 630 to 830pm
Fri Jan 20 630 to 830pm
Fri Jan 27, 630 to 830pm
Fri Feb 3, 630 to 830pm
Fri Feb 10, 630 to 830pm
Fri Feb 17, 630 to 830pm. (Knee pads required starting on this date)
Fri Feb 24, 630 to 830pm
Fri March 3, 630 to 830pm
Fri March 10, 630 to 830pm
Fri March 17, 630 to 830pm
Fri March 24, 630 to 830pm
Fri March 31, 630 to 830pm


Leah Bouldin, middle blocker, c/o '24, Roanoke Home School
Leah has been assisting for the past three JTAs and now is ready to take the helm!
She has been to two Expectations Camps. She's played school vball since the 6th grade. She is a leader both on and off the court.
(More for parents: She will be turning her plans into Coach Houser by 6pm each night for his feedback! The girls will LOVE what Leah has planned each night!)

Probable assistants:

Cara Butler, setter/hitter/libero, c/o '23, Glenvar High
Cara has 2 volleyball parents and has played since she could walk.
She's played school vball and club vball since the 6th grade, and will be working with my staff this summer!

Madison Hare, setter/hitter/DS, c/o '24, Roanoke Home School.
Madison has played 1 year of club volleyball, and 4years of school volleyball.
She's am amazing combination of smiles and and enthusiasm!

Mackenzie Ferguson, setter, c/o '25, Hidden Valley High
Mackenzie has played 2 years of club volleyball and 3 years of school volleyball.
She is happiness and excitement 24/7!

Lain Pigg, outside hitter, c/o '25, Roanoke Home School
Lain has been playing volleyball since she was a child. She has assisted with the past 2 JTAs!
She moved into our area from Roanoke about a year ago.

Other bits of information!

* If the director has a conflict, one of the other trainers or I will take over.
* I ask for payment to be made up front.  This means the athletes have a reservation for EACH session, and the parents never have to contact me if their daughter is attending or not!  The director will be prepared to work with the girls who attend.  
* Girls can attend by reservation only.  I will allow no walk-ins. IF I have enough staff and IF there's room, I may consider allowing a few kids to come and pay $40/session.

Goals of Junior Training Academy:
The directors goals are:
* Every girl will be able to serve over the net.  Overhand preferably.  Underhand if necessary. 
* Every girl will know the correct technique to spike a volleyball.
* Every girl will know how to pass and dig w/o unnecessary arm movement. 
* Every girl will know/learn the B.E.S.T. way to set. 
*** Every girl will gain enough skill to make the next team that she tries out for!

There are 4 ways to pay:
* You can send payment by Venmo: I'm at @Thomas-Houser-10. It's very easy, just like PayPal & there's not a service charge if we are Venmo Friends!
* You can send a check in the mail. If you need the address, just let me know.
* You can drop it by my house. If you need the address, just let me know.
* Or you can come by the gym where we give private lessons and drop off the payment.

Want to register?
* Contact me at coachhouser@yahoo.com


Do you have any questions or concerns?
If so, please email me at coachhouser@yahoo.com or text me at 540 793 0250. 

May I ask a favor:  If you know someone whose daughters might be interested, would you please forward this website to those families!

As you know, the earlier an athlete begins to get involved in a sport, the most successful she is!
Coach Houser


August 3, 2022
"My daughter was asked by the JV coach to try out for the high school JV team and she did and she made it!
She was so excoted and she wanted to let you know how appreciative she was for all your help.
And thank you to you as well for giving her opportunities with JTA, lessons with your staff, for your private lessons
and giving her the confidence she desperately needed.
I can't thank you enough!
Tabatha Rosen, mother of Peyton, Northside High, c/o '27


August 23, 2022
“Thanks to the summer JTA camp, Olivia made her middle school volleyball team.”
Whitney Pierce, mother of Olivia, Lord Botetort, c/o '27


May 29, 2021
"Your staff is so amazing with the girls!!!"
Mary Tyree, head coach, Covington High School

July 9, 2021

"I can't believe how far these kids have come. It's truly amazing! Your staff is wonderful!"

July 14, 2021
I ust saw a JTA camper here at myrtle beach, she came up and spoke to me and said she loved the camp! how amazing!!
Emily Dudley, JTA Trainer!

July 26, 2021
"Addalyn has really enjoyed the trainings on Friday and excited about trying out for RM next week."
"Thank you for holding the JTA. Lillian really enjoyed it & learned a lot!"
"Emery loved the Friday night sessions over the summer and training with the high school girls.
She’s learned a lot and will miss it. Thank you for doing it.
She’d be interested in participating in other things like this if you have it."

August 3, 2021
"My daughter made the middle school team! She got her overhand serves in. She couldn't do that 3 months ago.
Thank you for the opportunities to help her improve."
Jim Barber, former head coach, Westover Christian School, and father of Kate, c/o '27

August 4, 2021
"Wanted to share the good news!! Ava made the 7th/8th grade team!! Thank you all for everything this summer!!
We are so excited and looking forwad to a great season!"
Dawn Lewis, mother of Ava, Salem, c/o '27

August 9, 2021
Ashley make the Central Academy volleyball team. :)
Tara West, mother of Ashley, Lord Botetout, c/o '27

March 28 2022
"Thank you Tom Houser and his coaches for a wonderful JTA experience.
The girls learned so much and have improved tremendously."
Jennifer Younger, mother of Kennedy & Olivia Westover Christian School, c/o '27 and '29

October 15, 2021
"I just sent you money via Venmo for Ainsley-Grace's volleyball registration for the Jan-March JTA.
Looking forward to having her learn more good stuff. Her serve this year has been incredible!!"

February 12, 2022
"Tom…Coach Emily was SOOO THOUGHTFUL for taking the time to make those valentins for all the girls.
She and your other coaches are GREAT GIRLS AND ROLE MODELS for everyone in your camp!!
YOU and all of your COACHES are GREAT!! "