Here is the info on our
Volleyball Instructional Program

(VIP) for girls ages 8 - 12.

We will teach the girls passing, spiking, serving, and playing the game so they will have a great foundation!


"Spring Fling" VIP for kids ages 8 - 12!! 
March through May, 2012

Between March and the end of May, we hope to be offering 20 hours of VIP.

Our goal:  To teach the girls passing, spiking, serving, and playing the game so they will have a great foundation!

You can reserve a spot at every hour for only $200.  This is savings of $100 per child, and it also saves time emailing me during the fall. Yep, you won't have to reserve 2 hours & write a check, then reserve 2 more and write another check, etc.

And when I receive your payment, your daughter will have all those hours more emails, no more checks, etc. You won't even have to tell me when she will be late or absent. Just come or don't. This really makes summer VIP easy! 

All sessions will be held at North Cross School, unless the website says otherwise. For you guys new to VIP, more info is below.

If you prefer to reserve a spot for your child by the hour, we do allow that.  This gives you the choice of coming whatever days are best for your family.  The fee is $15 an hour.


If you're not participating in the pre-pay VIP:
* Days and times can be seen at  Touch the player training link, then look for and look for VIP on the right column of the page.   
* Parents can choose the date(s) & time(s), then email me at to reserve hours for their daughter(s) and friend(s). 
* Maximum 6 kids per hour per coach.  If we have requests for more than 6 girls in an hour, then I'll hire another coach!  
* Parents will need to make appointments, just like they do with my one-on-one player training.  
* Walk-ins are allowed; but, of course, if the session is full, then the training for a walk-ins will be denied. 
* All parents will be asked to arrive 15 minutes before their session begins.  For 15 minutes prior to their appointment, parents can speak to the trainer(s), help the trainer set up the court, the girl(s) can warm up and stretch, etc. 
* When a parent makes an appointment, a confirmation email will be sent. 
If you'd rather have a one-on-one session, then look for open on the website.  More info on having a one-on-one can be found at the top of the player training website or here
Other Less Fun Stuff
* Parents who are paying by the hour are asked to fulfill appointments, or risk losing the privilege of coming again.  There will be a 48 hour cancellation policy.
* Training will start on time.  Girls who are late will be asked to pay, warm up, stretch, etc., then will be allowed to participate when convenient for the coach to work them in. 
If you have questions, you can email Coach Houser at  Please feel free to forward this to whoever you think may be interested. 
Thank you and we can't wait to meet you!
Coach Houser  




August 4, 2010

Anna made the Salem JV team!  She says her work with Alan is what did it for her. 
Please let him know how much we appreciate him. 
Maggie Newman, mother of Anna, Salem High, c/o '14