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      USAV Junior Nationals,  
      Miami, FL in 2009
      Columbus OH in 2012


   Woodrow Wilson High School,  
   Beckley, West Va,
2021 and 2022


   MacArthur High School,  
   Lawton OK 2013


      Chugiah High, Anchorage

      July 26 - July 30, 2009.

Patrick County High School, Stuart, Virginia
2010 2011, 2012,
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021

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Why choose to work with Coach Houser and his staff?

* We are specialists working with college, high school, middle school and even elementary volleyball players. We do it every week, all year long;
* Our staff members are carefully picked for their high character, great attitudes and knowledge of the game. They are encouraging & will be positive role models for your child;
* At camps, our coach:camper ratio is never higher than 1:6. We've directed over 150 camps in past 12 years;
* Any girl from any school is welcome! Our only agenda: Help your daughter improve and reach her goals!
* We are here for you to contact about anything, anytime.....indefinitely;
* Every thing we do has lowering your cost in mind. That's why I'm the webmaster and we have no online payment option.
* Volleyball is what we do. It's all we do. It's my personal goal to teach your daughter what she can do to maximize her talents.

I want to give an athlete the best volleyball experience possible. Can we do anything for you today?
If so, please email me at





Congrats to the 2023 All State Team!
First Team All State!
Hidden Valley: Sophie Arnold, Callie Anderson
Patrick Henry: Elisabeth Tershak

Second Team All State!
Cave Spring: Elle Williams
Patrick Henry: Taylor Prillaman
Lord Botetourt: Skylar Morris

Congrats to the 2022 All State Team!
First Team All State!
Glenvar: Claire Griffith, Hannah Hylton, Cara Butler
CONGRATS to Claire Griffith, 2A Player Of The Year.
Rockbridge County: Nala Shearer
The Covenant School: Cara Hamil
Westover Christian: Erin Saunders

Second Team All State!
The Covenant School: London Constant
New Covenant: Adora Hampton
Patrick County: Journey Moore
Tunstall: Gracie Rigney
Patrick Henry: Grayce Edwards
Hidden Valley: Callie Anderson
Kenston Forest: Regan Tanner

Congrats to the 2021 All State Team!
First Team All State!
Glenvar: Hannah Hylton & Claire Griffith,
Patrick Henry: Marella Hudson,
William Monroe: Mara Woolford!
The Covenant School: Cara Hamil!

Second Team All State!
Chilhowie: Mari-Beth Boardwine & Hannah Goodwin!
Patrick Henry: Reghan Dixon!
The Covenant School: Mary Freeman!

Freshman of the year in the ODAC conference:
Emma Claytor, Virginia Wesleyan Univ

Congrats to the 2020 All State Team!
Miette Veldman,3A State Player Of The Year.

Congrats to the 2019 Award Winners!
Miette Veldman Blue Ridge Distict Player Of The Year!
Frannie Sine, River Ridge District Player Of The Year!
Skylar Burton, Amand Lowe, Lydia Peton, Anna Dandridge and Jordan Fitchett River Ridge 1st Team All-District
Haleigh Brown, Claire Jenkins and Claire Stanaland, River Ridge 2nd Team All-Distrrict

Congrats to the 2018 All State Team!
Miette Veldman,3A State Player Of The Year.
1st team:
Meg Coolbaugh, Kennedy Clemmer,, Jaydyn Clemmer,
2nd team: Marisa Turpin, Katie Hardy, Frannie Sine Kenleigh Gunter, Abby Musser, Sarah Shanton, Amanda Lowe, Adrienne Cline, Chloe Ingersoll

Congrats to the 2017 All State Team!
Miette Veldman,3A State Player Of The Year.
1st team: Lexi Alexander, Hannah Burch, Lara Veldman, Marley Willard
2nd team: Katherine Lake, Kenleigh Gunter

Congrats to the 2016 All State Team!

Annie Clark, Miette Veldman and Keely Skelton!

Congrats to the 2015 All State Team!
Greysen Newberry and Piper Roe were named 1st team again!

Congrats to the 2014 All State Team!
Greysen Newberry, Piper Roe, Alexandra Arnold were named 1st team!

Congrats to the 2013 All State Team!
Madison Morris and Hanna Podeschi were named to the 1st team!
Greysen Newberry and Piper Roe were named 2nd team!

Congrats to the 2012 All State Team!
Caroline Boone and Jenny Clark were named to the 1st team!
Erin Holsinger and Hannah Helbert were named 2nd team!
Jordan Joyce was named Honorable Mention

Congrats to the 2011 All State Team!
Morgan Shannon, AA State Player Of The Year!
Shannon Craighead was also named 1st team all-state!
Caroline Boone and Hannah Helbert were named to the 2nd team!
In Single A, Maribeth Kern was named 1st team!  In AAA Caroline Brailsford was named 2nd team!
The entire article can be seen here.


Congrats to Hannah Helbert, 2011 Piedmont District Player Of The Year. 

Congrats Christine Surface for breaking the VHSL career aces record!

Congrats to Morgan Shannon for being named River Ridge Player Of The Year and Region IV Player Of The Year in BOTH 2010 and 2011.  She was also named Timesland Player Of the Year for 2011!

Congrats to Liz Brailsford for being named 2009 and 2010 Western Valley Player Of The Year.

Morgan Shannon, Shannon Craighead and Liz Brailsford
all played in Junior Nationals in 2009 in Miami.


Coach Tom Houser                   Roanoke, VA        

Published by PrepVball Dec 19, 2008.  
If you're a member, you can see the article here.


December 7, 2022.  "My daughter actually made a travel volleyball team locally here. don’t think she would of made the team without having been with you majority of the summer last year !! You have a very well organized greased team with skill set that exceeds anything or anyone else i have ever seen. girls like mine can learn a lot even if they have attention problems because you make it fun. wish more people would adopted this fun—- learning method Maybe one day"

October 22, 2021.  "coach houser, you are amazing. you transformed our team into something we never could have imagined. you pushed us and made us better and i’m so grateful for you. you have helped our team so much and i’m so glad you coached us. you helped us through everything and i’m beyond grateful. i’m here if you need anything and tell your granddaughter harper i said hello! love you houser! ❤️ together we did!! we are 8.6 "

April 22, 2021.  Thank you for believing in her. We have 'used' you a lot over the last year when she would get down.... 'Do you believe Coach Houser? He believs in you. Why don't you?' "

September 15, 2020.  "My daughter is attending clinics are the local club. She had a coach approach her to make sure she is trying out for a club team. All her hard work is paying off. You guys are great! "Thank you for believing in her. We have 'used' you a lot over the last year when she would get down.... 'Do you believe Coach Houser? He believs in you. Why don't you?' ""

December 5, 2019.  "My daughter has moved forward in college and is now pursuing her PhD. You helped molded this wonderful young lady. Both my wife and I thank you for teaching her to reach beyond her abilities."

November 23, 2018.  "I'm very thankful for you! Idk what I'd do without you! Thanks for helping me in my volleyball career and pushing myself and my teammates to be the best players we can be. Thanks for not only being a coach and instructor but also someone we can trust and know. Hope u had a great day and Happy Thanksgiving!!!"

January 28, 2018.  "I can tell you that by watching the girls on the current team, you can tell they’ve been coached by you. They are smart on the court and they know how to get a side out when it’s crucial. It stands out. So thanks again for all you’ve done for them! What can I say, you’re the best. Actually I say it ALOT."

May 5, 2016.  "Thank YOU for all you have done to help make this a season to remember! It’s unbelievable how far they have come as a team. These girls have learned so much from you. My daughter already misses being out there with her team! She would like to get back into the gym very soon!"

February 9, 2016.   "A few of the parents were commenting on how much my daughter's teammate's game has improved (her timing, her patience waiting on the ball, her not "palming" the ball) and someone said that she had been working with you. I said "well that explains it"! It's unbelievable how much she has improved. Excellent work, coach! You're amazing!!"

July 30, 2015  "No matter what lies ahead, most of her positive and happy volleyball memories are with u. Thank you for being a great mentor and role model for my baby!!"

July 30, 2015  "No matter what lies ahead, most of her positive and happy volleyball memories are with u. Thank you for being a great mentor and role model for my baby!!"

April 15, 2013.   My daughter attended the hitting clinic last Tuesday night. I thought that the instruction you provided at the clinic was excellent. In fact, I wrote down the key points that you taught as soon as I got home, and I have been working with my daughter on what you taught that night!!

December 21, 2012.   I just wanted to let you know that I verbally committed today! I wanted to say thank you for all the help along the way. I would not be half the player I was without your coaching and continued support! Thank you so much again, it means the world to me :) I would also love it if you came to my signing if you want to and can make it... It will be sometime in January but I don't know the exact date yet, I'll let you know when we schedule it!!

February 2, 2011.    "Your genuine kindness and caring (for a total stranger!) speaks volumes about the type of person you are, and is like a breath of fresh air.   Just wanted to say thanks again."

April 18,  2010.    "My daughter has a very special place for you in her heart. You're blessed w/ a natural gift of knowing how to coach & teach teenagers. You're a legend that will never be forgotten. Thank you & your assistants for an amazing season."

February 20, 2010.      "Tom:   I am so thankful that you and your staff are filling the need to start our 'future' volleyball stars earlier with the VIP training.  I hope that you continue this program throughout the year.  Just think of the players the Roanoke area will produce if we continue to start their exposure to correct technique in elementary school, instead of middle school."   Michelle Newberry

March 24, 2009.     "My daughter wanted me to tell you that she loves you and loves working with you. Another mom and I were watching your last game at the Bid Tournament and she commented on how great you are at building a "team" as well as the individual player. Keep on doing what you do best - the volleyball world is blessed to have an asset like you in it!!   Yes, there is more than just instruction!  There's team!!"   Amy Amerell

November 9, 2008.    "You have been a great POSITIVE help for my daughter.  We all love your coaching style! You definitely have a gift!!!"

December 30, 2008.    "I cannot thank you enough for all of the time you have spent with Morgan teaching her about volleyball , a good attitude, team building & the importance of character. She listens to every word. Your experience as a teacher, coach, parent & writer have all proved to be great life lessons that kids need to hear today (not just from the parents)."   Lee Robison, mother of Morgan, PH c/o '13

 August 21, 2007.   My daughter has still not stopped talking about you, Maggie, Devyn, Scott, etc.....She absolutely loved the camp at Red Lion!   My daughter learned so much in such a short period of time thanks to your camp and thank you for your site with so much information.  I hope you enjoyed your trip enough to consider coming again!  Your kindnesses and your commitment to our girls and to the sport are and were so very much appreciated.  I'm sorry I didn't get an opportunity to meet any of you in person to welcome you.  I'm sure you have received many replies by now. Thank you again for blessing us in such an awesome way.  Our best to you, your assistants, your team and your family.

November 2, 2006.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate your email reply. It really did help to calm the panic I have been feeling!  Thank you for giving me the information to get started. We will definitely contact you and let you know how things turn out!  I also wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the articles on your website.   Reading your articles really helped me keep things in perspective. I will absolutely recommend it to all the parents on the Varsity and JV teams. Thanks again for taking so much time to help us. Your love of kids and volleyball is evident from your website and your articles. I can't get over how much time you took just to reply to me. A complete stranger!   Your players & parents are very lucky to have you as their coach!


Congrats to my stepdaughter, Lauren Clary Juanarena!
First team All-State in her senior year at Cave Spring High in Roanoke, and at that time,
the school record holder in career digs and career aces.
West MVP of the 2006 VHSL Volleyball All-Star Match on July 12, 2006.
As a freshman for Radford University, she started as an OH & led the team in aces and was named
Big South Conference Freshman of the Week on October 29, 2006!!
Fall of 2007 she was the starting libero, then in the fall of 2008 she was a starting DS.
Fall of 2009 she was a starting OH as the team won more matches than it had in any year since 2001. 
She finished her career at RU 3rd all-time in digs!!

We are at your service at

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