Mr. Houser's Classes for 2009-2010.  
It's Exam Day

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You guys won all four class competitions....No class has ever won them all before!

 CONGRATS Travis McDaniel for being Advanced Proficiency!!
Congrats to Most Improved:  Montae Combs, Keith Leegans and Chris Brown.
CONGRATS to Cianna Craghead who had the #1 average in the class and the #5 average in all classes!
 Also making at least a B were Mariah Harper #2, Chelsey Harless #3, Kayla Wheeler #4 and Kristen Cole #5.


Great job B1!!!

Congrats, Zach Miller, Zach Brown and Chase Nelson passing the SOL with Advanced Proficiency!!
Zach Brown had the top average in the class, Candice Justice was 2nd, Chase Nelson 3rd and Quinten Broertjes 4th!!

 CONGRATS to Caleb Witt for being named Most Improved in the class. 

Here are some picture taken on exam day, June 4, 2010.  Touch each picture to see a bigger version!

Congrats to A1!  :)  

You guys had a great year!   And look at them showing me "angles".... yep we learned a lot of geometry!
CONGRATS to Most Improved:  John Lyle & Tyler Robertson
CONGRATS to #1 average in all classes & advanced proficiency on the SOL Test:  Sam Arney.
Sam also was named top Algebra I, Part II student at Staunton River High!
Logan Smith had the #2 average in all classes!  Mary Argobast had the #3 average in the class.


Congrats to A4! 

At first you guys were my welfare class!  :)  But you grew out of it! 
 CONGRATS to Most Improved:   Devonna Dubhorn and Derik Lambert.
And congrats to Lindsey Hobbs for having the highest average, for being advanced proficiency on the SOL test,
and for having the 4th best average in all classes!
Also with at least a B average in the class were Missy Ferrell & Daniel Rogers. 

Congrats to B4!

My high self esteem class!  You guys are amazing!
 CONGRATS to Most Improved:   Euniqua Foxx and Ryne Bower
And congrats to Justin Davis, the top average in the class and advanced proficiency on the SOL test!!  Justin also had the #3 average in all classes!   Also making a B in the class were Ryan Robertson, Ben Proffitt and Ryan Bower!    YOU GO!!


Home / SRHS Home / Released SOL Tests / More SOL Practice / MoreGeomResources / Va Dept Of Educ / Bedford Co Schools / Mr. Houser / Bed Co Calendars, SRHS Pics, Memories, Students 2005-Present


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