Mr. Houser's Classes for 2010-2011.  
It's Exam Day....The Final Day Of School!

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You guys won all four class competitions....This is only the 2nd time it's ever happened!

 CONGRATS: Sara Quesenberry, Corey Johnson and Billy Albertson and Whitney Mullins for being Advanced Proficiency!!
Congrats to Most Improved:  Matt "bigger guage every week" Scalera.
Thank you Katey Bradfield for all your hard work. 
CONGRATS to Lexi Williams who had the #1 average in the class!
 Also making at least a B were FOR THE YEAR were Jeff Catron, Alonee Crutchfield, Corey Johnson, Whitney Mullins & Sara Quesenberry!


I'm Very Proud Of B4!!!

AMAZING..... last place to 2nd place both 3rd and 4th quarter! 
Congrats Ronald Atkins for passing the SOL with Advanced Proficiency and winning the
Algebra I, Part II award given out at the Awards Assembly, May 29, 2011!  YOU GO!
Also making at least at B were Quintrel Broertjes and Sam Lowe.

 CONGRATS to David Robey and Dustin Deisher for being named Most Improved in the class. 
THANK YOU Stephanie Janney.  You helped, taught, gave advice, and were a role model. 

Congrats to A4!  :)  

A4 finished 3rd, 2nd, 3rd and 3rd! 
You guys had a great year!   CONGRATS to Most Improved:  Robert Adkins, Kalie Smith and Brandon Settles
CONGRATS to #1 average in the class:  Josh Coins. 
Congrats to the other students who made at least a B: Deven Capello, Clara Fry, Stevie Morrison, Destiny Nolen and Kris Whorley
Deven also got advanced proficiency on his SOL Test!  ALL RIGHT!!!!


A lot of good stuff happened in A1!

At first you guys were the quietest class of the century!  :) 
 CONGRATS to Most Improved:   Tyler Moore and Ben Slusher.   And he's the person who got cut off on the left.  Sorry!
And congrats to J.D. Spradlin for the top average in the class!
Also making at least a B were Candice Rogers, Cayla Hanscom, Forest Walters and Stevie Breeden. 

Congrats to B2!  You guys were awesome!

 CONGRATS to Most Improved:   C.J. Albach and Michael Plucker
And congrats to the seniors: Shayla Woods and Shawn Helmich.  I'm so proud of you guys!
Students who made at least a B:  Jacob Moore, Leah Williams and Michael Plucker!
THANKS Kayla Ferguson for all that you did this year!
And look at they students showing the "angle" symbol.  Yep, we learned some geometry also!  :) 


Home / SRHS Home / Released SOL Tests / More SOL Practice / MoreGeomResources / Va Dept Of Educ / Bedford Co Schools / Mr. Houser / Bed Co Calendars, SRHS Pics, Memories, Students 2005-Present


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