Mr. Houser's Geometry Classes for 2011-2012.  
It's Exam Day....The Final Day Of Class!

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GREAT JOB B2..... The #1 Class For The Year!!!

You guys won three of the four class competitions.... GREAT JOB! 

This class was awesome!  They won the class competition 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter. 

These students finished the year with at least a B!
Stephanie Sexton, Dawn Flowers, Courtney Staggs, Celest Webster, Trucker Robertson, Quintrel Broetjes, Zack Williams and Brent Gibson.

Students in the picture are:
Back row:  Stevie Breeden, Stephanie Sexton, Dawn Flowers, Kalie Smith, Courtney Staggs, Sarah Quesenberry, Bobbi Ballard, Celest Webster, Sidney Byrd, Christina Barnette, Whitney Kasey, Summre Dillon, Brooklyn Nichols, Maressa Saunders and Aereona Andrews.
Front row:  Zane Callahan, James Bostic, Brent Gibson, Trevion White, Brandon Settles, Jacob Young, William Simmons, Zach Williams, Quintrel Broetjes, Trevor Woolwine, Trucker Robertson.

I'm Very Proud Of 3rd....... The 2nd Place Class For The Year!!

The ONLY class to knock off B2.... and that was 4th quarter by .01 points. 

These students finished the year with an A or a B! 
Mackenzie Miller, Kari Thomas, Shayne Collins, Sam Lowe, Sam Witt, Cody Hawkins, Aaron Britton. 
The top average in the class:  Congrats to Shayne Collins!

In the picture are:
Back Row:  Mackenzie Miller, Kari Thomas, Megan Forrest, Shayne Collins, Sam Lowe, Angel Rodriquez, Haley Goff, Aubrey Wright, Sam Witt. 
Front Row:  Nate Walker, Desha Martin, Cody Hawkins, Chris Nichols, Devan Leonard, Aaron Britton, Dylan Chittum, Jeramy Cline, Danny Poinson, Josh Leedy, Trevor Durfee, Justin Dearing.   
Missing and very much missed!  Sierra Holdren, Hunter Overstreet, Tori Shlanta. 

Congrats to A4!  :)  

A4 finished 2nd or 3rd almost every quarter!
These students made an A or B for the year:  Peyton Johnson, Juan Gamez, Austin Farris, Caleb Mattox, Dakota Robinette. 
CONGRATS to #1 average in the class:  Peyton Johnson!    Peyton also was named top geometry student at SRHS!

Back Row: Kristina Persinger, Christa Harper, Peyton Johnson, Zinnia Oyler, Nikki Taylor, Juan Gamez, Austin Farris
Middle:  Keesha Preas with Naomi Long on her back.  :)
Front Row:  Travis O'Neal, Adam Wooldridge, Wesley Smith, Caleb Mattox, Dakota Robinette, Mason Headings, Tim Morgan, Matt Carter, Damien Shires.
Not Pictures:  Savannah Rivers, Bobbie Arnold, Donovan Everitts, Dontel Moon and Ashley Shelton.   

A lot of good stuff happened in A2!

Making A's and B's for the year were:  Jordan Stinnette, Travis Wheeler, Andi Soltani, Kaysi Funk, Steven Clevenger and Troy Baker!
Boys in the back row :  Jordan Stinnette, Travis Wheeler, Shawn Hall, Troy Baker, Robert Adkins, JD Spradlin, Stephen Clevenger and Josh Guthrie.
The girls are all in the front:  Cheyenne Spottswood, Amber Meadows, Amber Green, Andi Soltani, Laura Shelton, Stevie Morrison, Emily Brown, Alexis Johnson, Mackenzie Crouch, Kaysi Fun, Whitney Mullins and Raven Adkins. 

Alex Jones.... what are you doing in our picture?!?!?. 

Congrats to B4!  You guys were awesome!

Student in this picture are:  Hawiyan Lee, Alexis Caldwell, Brittany Heffinger, Chelsea Mundy, Tia Nance, Leah Williams, Robyn Gables, Kayla Coe, Clara Fry, Shayna Alls, Payton Owen,
Ed Terry, Chris Moon,
Middle row:  Jacob Moore, Daniel Hull, Troy Perkins, Rob Meadows, Wesley Palmer, Brandon Weeks, Jeff Thompson, Christian Sledd, Nathan Hale, Tyler Harris, Ronald Atkins, Devyn Poff
Laying Down In Front:  Austin Reid and Calvin Moore.

You guys were the bomb!

Back row:  Matt Miller, Josh McKee, Kevin Nichols, Jacob Morgan, Mr. Tom Houser, Taylor Miles
Front Row:  Derek Miller, Lindsay Nezbeth, Ross Miles, Mackenzie Miller, Dabney Moon, Brooklyn Nichols, Gabielle Mills, Mercedes McKee
Front Row:  Brandi Nichols, Kierston Mitchell


The perfect car:   An El Camino!   :) 

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