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"Don't dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next.
Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer."
-Denis Waitley, speaker and author


This is the % of my students who  were AWESOME!!  
Have a great summer!!

A's & B's For Final Grades in Mr. Houser's Class!!
 Here are the A's in order!!!
Do you know how hard this is to
#1: Carly Dearing 

#2  Tina DePasquale
#3:  Ashley Hill
#4:  Dana Szabo
#5: Neal Lewis
#6:  Coty Jarman
#7: Rebecca Francisco
#8:  Sarah Wood
#9:  Ashley Nickerson

Now Here The B's for the year!!
#10:  Esteban Murillo;   #11:  Kortney Emert
#12:  Amber Feagans;   #13:  Morgan Thomas
#14:  Anna Sloan;   #15:  Jonathan Markham
#16:  Brittany Gillespie;   #17:  Matt Dudley
#18:  Sandra Gregware;   #19:  Willie Bradshaw
#20:  Jordan Armentrout;   #21:  Jessica Francisco
#22:  Ted West;   #23:  Shawn Coe
#24:  Justin Hall;   #25:  Chad Hair
#26:  Jamie Ellis;   #27:  Zach Aaron
#28:  Michaela Smith;  #29:  Jerimy Garland
#30:  Joanne Davis;  #31:  J.R. Wagoner
#32:  Amy Perkins;   #33:  Brittany Feazell
#34:  Zach Narum;  #35:  Joe Cline
#36:  Soma Amos


,  my only student who finished the year with A's for her final grades in EVERY CLASS!!!!!!!
 Mr. Houser's 6th
A1:  Soma Amos, Shawn Coe, Amber Feagans, Rebecca Francisco, Chad Hair.
A2:  Jessica Bohn, Carly Dearing, James Hayden, Anna Sloan
A4:  Kaylynn Albertson, Jamie Ellis, Kortney Emert, Brittany Gillespie, Whitney Mitchell, Susan Motto, Rechele Petti, Kellie Rosser, Dana Szabo, J.R. Wagoner, Morgan Thomas
B2:  Lindsay Caldwell, Kristin Findley, Raymond Hayden, Ashley Hill, Coty Jarman, Sarah Wood
B4:  Danielle Averill!!!
There are only 15!
Wow, these students are really special!
A1:  Soma Amos, Rebecca Francisco.
A2:  Jessica Bohn, Carly Dearing, James Hayden, Anna Sloan
A4:  Matt Dudley, Brittany Gillespie, Susan Motto, Rechele Petti, Dana Szabo,
B2:   Ashley Hill, Coty Jarman, Sarah Wood
B4:  Danielle Averill!!!


Mr. Houser's Policies
 Homework:    Will be assigned every day.  I'm saying, students will have HW due every day. There will be practically no time to do any work in class. When it is completed, I will mark it "on time," or "one day late," or "two days late," etc.  However, students get 5 points EC for each school day HW is done early.  HW will be gone over in class.  I will work any problems that students have questions on.  All the HW that a student does will be turned in on test day as a package.  HW counts as 10% of a student's 6-weeks grade.
Quizzes:  Students will have a quiz on all nontest days.  Quizzes will cover the HW that we just went over in class.  I will grade quizzes and return them to the students THE NEXT DAY, guaranteed!  If a student is unhappy with a quiz grade, he may take it over as many times as he wishes.........and the final grade will be the average of the best two!   But there is a one week deadline to take quizzes over, so students can't procrastinate.  
Tests:  Students will have a test approximately every 2 weeks.  Therefore, students  willl probably have three tests every 6-weeks.  Tests are long and hard!  They will take about an hour or more.  But, if a student is unhappy with a test grade, the same rules apply as with a quiz........he/she may take it over and the final test grade will be the avereage of the two.


Announcement #1  THIS COMING SCHOOL YEAR!!
Teachers report to work:  Mon Aug 22
Students' first day back: Mon Aug 29
Labor Day Student Holiday: Mon Sept 5
End of first nine weeks:  Oct 31, 2 hour e.d.

Announcement #2:  Candid photo pages of my 2004-2005 classes are now available to see!!  The links are at the top of this page. 

Announcement #3
Eighty-one of my ninety-five students have passed the 2005 SOL test......that's an 85.3% pass rate!!!!   CONGRATS to all the students & their parents!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!

Congrats to the Top #1 Papers In Each Class!!
A1:   Jonathan Markham
A2: Carly Dearing (top in all 5 classes!!!)
A4: Matt Dudley
B2:  Ashley Hill
B4: Esteban Murillo
Improvement from 4th 6 Weeks to 5th!!
in order!!!!
#1:  Ashley Krantz +59 pts!
#2: Hank James +38 pts!!
#3:  Jeanette Krantz +34pts!!
#4:  Sunshine Stanley +23 pts!!
#5:   Kristin Findley + 20pts!!
#6:  J.R. Wagoner +20 pts!!
#7:  Michelle Catalan +18 pts!!
#8:  Sandra Gregware +14pts!!
#9:  Shawn Coe +12 pts!!
#10:  Ashley Nickerson +12 pts!!
Other students who also improved by more than TEN POINTS!!!  WHOA!!
Lucas Hampton & Chris Hunter.
Here are students who improved by more than FIVE POINTS!!  OH MY!!
Justin Angell, Amanda Cook, Jerimy Garland, Justin Hall, Veronica Valenti, Danielle Crews, Carly Dearing, Matt Dudley, Kaleb Lynch, Derek Neville, Derrick Lavinder, Kenny Hartsook, Ashley Joseph.
The following students improved also!  This is WONDERFUL!!
Soma Amos, Katie Bradford, Chad Hair, Chris McNeal, Robert Updike, Tina DePasquale, Kelly Martin, Brittany Feazell, Shawn Perkins.
Josh Lord
Josh only missed one problem!!
Joe Criner, Danielle Averill,
 David Ringley, Shanna Pudder, Leanne Bramlett, Katie Parte, Chris Nolen, Brandon Johnson
All those students missed 6 questions or less!  WOW!!


The following students have been named MOST IMPROVED in Mr. Houser's classes this year!
A1:  Justin Angell
A2:  John Bradfield
A4:  Rechele Petti
B2:  Kristin Findley
B4:  Ashley Joseph
Passing isn't even a concern with these students. With each month, their effort has gotten better and their grades have improved!   CONGRATS!!
You're not normal!!

Soma Amos, Justin Angell, Shawn Coe, Amber Feagans, Rebecca Francisco, Chad Hair, Chris Hale, Jonathan Markham, Chris McNeal, Rickey Roach, Michaela Smith, Corey Turner, Tyler Underwood, Robert Updike, Veronica Valenti
Zach Aaron, John Bradfield, Carly Dearing, Tina DePasquale, Ashley Krantz, Kelly Martin, Justin Myers, Ashley Nickerson, Brittany Peters, Anna Sloan, Amber Turpin, James Hayden
Kaylynn Albertson, Willie Bradshaw, Matt Dudley, Joe Cline, Jamie Ellis, Kortney Emert, Brittany Gillespie, Sandra Gregware, Neal Lewis, Derek Neville, Rechele Petti, Kellie Rosser, Kim Spira, Dana Szabo, Ted West, J.R. Wagoner, Brittany Feazell, Morgan Thomas, Kaleb Lynch.
Ameshia Harper, Ashley Hill, Coty Jarman, Matt Myers, Zach Narum, Brian Saunders, Dawsone St. John, Allen Stover, Chris White, Mason Wingo, Sarah Wood, Kristen Findley, Francesca Keffer, Lindsey Caldwell, Chris Hunter.
Joanna Davis, Jessica Francisco, Lucas Hampton, Ashley Joseph, Esteban Murillo, Amy Perkins, Shawn Perkins, Diana Simpson, Clay Tomlin, Johnathan Weaver, Janay Eggleston, Daniel Cole, Michelle Catalan.
Tina DePasquales
Carly Dearing
Michaela Smith
J.R. Wagoner
Ashley Hill!!

This is FANTASTIC!!!


Have a great summer!
Email me anytime at
See you in August!!
Check out next year's webpage by touching here!


#1 Papers on Big Test #15
A1:   Jerimy Garland 96%
A2: Tina DePasquales 102%
A4: Rechele Petti 95%
B2:  Coty Jarman 96%
B4: Amy Perkins 89%


Great Grades On Test #15!!
A's:  Ashley Hill, Coty Jarman, Neal Lewis, Rechele Petti, Carly Dearing, Tina DePasquales.
B's:  Esteban Murillo, Anna Sloan, John Bradfield, Amy Perkins, Janay Eggleston, Chris White, Ted West, Dana Szabo, Brittany Gillespie, Kortney Emert, Jamie Ellis.
Danielle Averill, Raymond Hayden, Heather Perkins, Whitney Mitchell, Susan Motto and Jessica Bohn are my  interns for this year.  Thank you for all the work you guys do for me!!  You're awesome!
Also special thanks to Chris Roberts, Krysta Dougherty and Kevin Sutliffe who help me during 2nd lunch each day!  

Hey Mr. Houser!
I just wanted to thank you so much for all you did for me while I was in high school!  I enjoyed being in your class this year. I was talking to another student & her mom the other day.. and we were talking about how good of a teacher you were and how much we learned from you! You make such an impact on people... and I was telling her about how I love the stories you tell your students.. Keep telling them... it makes class go so much better!!!! Well... I will talk to you later! Keep in touch... I'll come back and visit when I can! THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL YOU DO! I'll miss you!!!

This is A4 back in October after they won the 1st 6 weeks competition! 

They also won the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th 6-weeks competitions too!!! 

My A4 class was the bomb!  And you see pictures of them by touching here!

And which was the ONLY class to dethrone A4? 

It was A1!!

Here's my A1 class on exam day! GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!

You can see how cool my A1 is by checking out their picture site!!  Just touch here!

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