#1 MacKenzie Tyree
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2007 and 2008 Blue Ridge District Player Of The Y
2007 1st Team All-Region and 2nd Team All-State
2008 Region III Player Of The Year. 

CONGRATULATIONS on your signing to play at Carson Newman!!

MacKenzie works on her "no footwork" serve.  If you warm up with MacK, you'd better be ready to work hard! Before we started taking pictures, MacK chats with her teammates.  This is going to be FUN!! We were trying to get 125 "points" and we got 153!!!
MacKenzie looks over the quiz that was graded. Making Tshirts after our scrimmage @ North Cross The Easter Egg that MacK made and brought to practice so that it wouldn't be lonely While keeping score at North Cross, MacKenzie eats some of the food that one of the parents bought for us. Hey MacKenzie!
What's Joanna doing to you?
Jessica & MacK pose before we play at Monument.  We had an hour wait before we played our semi final "And then she said, ' We're nothing but standing targets' ".  A libero's knees get a lot of burns!  But MacK doesn't mind as long as team plays well!! That's perfect!
But, the game is behind you!
"Ahhhh, ouch, ouch, OUCH!!"
It took us a few tournaments to get everyone to eat smart.....but .....hey...is that a Mt. Dew beside you?  HEY!! Shannon, I really don't look my best when I'm doing crunches; but, I'll smile anyway. She didn't know that the team had a little surprise for her at the Cheese Cake Factory! OK, Laura, it says, "Bee Mine".......and that means what?
While we're at Early Bird, MacK starts the hand thing, and it infects the entire team! Energizers!!   That's our team!!!!!!
That's almost better than "Hot Tamales".
"OK, Coach Houser, is THIS healthy enough to eat? " Nasty conditioning!  This lasted for 60 seconds, but I got this pic during the first 10 seconds......you can tell!
We did some shopping on the Saturday of Shamrock.  No, guys, we're not buying that.  WHAT IS that anyway? OK, that's a cute pose, but what is that stuff? Before playing Triangle at Monument we warmed up A LOT......try an HOUR! On Shamrock Satuday, we watched the 18N team play for a while.  Hey, watch the action! No, not the camera.
We warned you. 
But, no, you had to keep talking.
MacKenzie & Ethan become friends at the April 12th practice!  Thanks Shannon for bringing him by for us all to meet! Do you know how hard it is to catch MacK without a smile or a funny face? 
Not all hugs are wanted!
No one likes that flavor!  Not even Coach, and he'll eat anything.
"These tall scoreboards here at BigSouth drive me CRAZY!!!!" "Coach Houser!  I got this at Chuck E. Cheese's!!"  What do you think?"  I think it's ready for the player page! We ate breakfast at IHOP on June 3rd.  There are so many selections.......hmmmm.
MacK & Coach Houser at the Hotel Roanoke! At Ruby Tuesdays, MacK thinks,
"Is this the one I want?"
Baby picture day was FUN!!  Everyone knew which pic was Mack's b/c it was the smallest!
  "Hey, the parents gave ME the camera. 
May I look at it a while?"
"Ahhhh, excuse me.
What are you doing?"


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School: Lord Botetourt High
Birthday: August 18, 1991
Class 2009
Height: 5'2"
Position: Libero/DS/Setter
Years playing Jrs:  1
Years playing school ball:  3
Sundae Topping: Nuts
Movie:  Mean Girls
TV Show:  Desperate Housewives
Actress:  Reece Witherspoon
Snack while watching a movie:  Hot tamales
Elementary school memory:  Naptime
Pizza Topping:  Pepperoni
Halloween Costume:  Mouse
Ice Cream Flavor:  Vanilla
Vacation Spot:  The beach
Color:  Purple