2006 Roanoke Juniors 15N Team Page
The more of ourselves that we sacrifice for our team, the more glory our team will give back to us.
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2006 Team / E&H / Monument / RVC West / EarlyBird / UVa / Shamrock / StuartHall / BigSouth / Bid / Regionals / Hotel Roanoke / Nationals

The 2006 Roanoke Juniors 15 National. 
Winner Of the Old Dominion Region Bid Tournament.    #1 Ranked Team in the ODR.
Particpated in
Junior Nationals in Atlanta!
More pictures can be seen here.

Num Position Ht Name Gr School
1 Lib/S 5'2" MacKenzie Tyree  "Martha" 9 Lord Botetourt High
2 OH 5'7" Tori Hodges 9 Hidden Valley High
3 MB 5'10" Meredith Walker 9 Cave Spring High
4 MB 5'10" Emily White 9 Cave Spring High
5 OH 5'7" Piper Hagan   "Pippie" 8 Cave Spring Middle
7 MB 5'9" Laura Jessee 9 Patrick Henry High
11 OH/Lib/DS 5'6" Jessica Church   "Buttercup" 9 Hidden Valley High
14 S 5'6" Lindsey Campbell    "Mudpie" 9 Franklin County High
21 S/Lib/DS 5'5" Eva Delaney   "Evabear" 9 Hidden Valley High
"HOT TAMALES"                      IS IT "N" YOU?
Head Coach:     Tom Houser
Assistant Coach:
Shannon Haynes
"Shannon Banana"
Assistant Coach:
Laura Jones
Assistant Coach:
Joanna McGrath
Your High School Season!!
  If the anyone wants to know info about high school sports in the Virginia public schools, they can go to the VHSL website, www.vhsl.org
Volleyball Videos:
There's a site with all sorts of videos for people to watch.  You can see it here!
Roanoke Times Article
Before we went to Nationals, the Roanoke Times published an article:  You can see it here!
Congrats to the End Of The Season Award Winners!:
Hustle Award:  Lindsey.       Hardest Worker Award:  Jessica
You Make Me Smile Award:  Laura
I'm Better When I Play With You:  MacKenzie
On April 28th, we had Stuffed Animal Day!
Touch a picture to see their individual page!
Our Ice Cream Popsicle Party on March 29th
Touch a picture to see their individual page!

Mack's page!    Eva's Page!

Making T Shirts at Joanna's House after the North Cross Scrimmage, Jan 15, 2006


On May 28th, we had a Baby Picture Contest!   I can't believe they knew which picture was mine.  Yes, we drew names and gave each other gifts!  This was awesome!  Thanks to everyone!
Nationals Was AWESOME, AWESOME!!!

As a coach who has been fortunate to bring home medals and not bring home medals.....I am thankful for every moment I've had with this team, regardless of the outcome.  I've enjoyed the time with the players, the assistants and the parents.  I look at this time as a gift.  Not everyone gets a chance to experience the things we have or the places we've been.  I have memories that'll last a lifetime!  Thank you.

2006 Team / E&H / Monument / RVC West / EarlyBird / UVa / Shamrock / StuartHall / BigSouth / Bid / Regionals / Hotel Roanoke / Nationals