Atlanta In Roanoke
Day 1:  "The Dinner & The Movie"

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We had a great time!!  Nine of the team went to the Deli to eat supper. 
And seven went to see Guess Who.   Good choice Lindsey!!  

#31 Bethann Heatwole from
 Franklin County High
#14 Sam Thomas from
Patrick Henry High
#21 Eva Delaney of Hidden Valley Middle School #9  Kendall Patterson from Cave Spring High
#14  Lindsey Campbell from
 Ben Franklin Middle School
#8 Millie Leach from
Salem High
#2 Stephanie Crawford from
 Cave Spring High
#13 Erika Janowicz from
William Byrd High

Touch here to see the Saturday tournament,
and here to see the Sunday practice & video session!

Erika & Lindsey Eva & Jessica of Hidden Valley Middle Sam & Stephanie
I don't know what the kids ordered ..............but three of their items are now famous!
They're now on the Spiked Punch website!