#9  Kendall Paterson
Congrats Kendall for being named to the 2007 All-Conference Team at North Cross! 
That's awesome!!

School: Cave Spring High
Birthday: 8/04/90
Class 2008
Height:  5'6"
Position:  OH

Years playing Jrs:  1
Years playing school ball:  3

Animal:  Horse
Band:  Aerosmith
Way to Waste Time: Talk online
Clothing Store:  American Eagle
Place To Vacation:  Outer Banks
Restaurant:  Olive Garden
TV Show:  Cops
Type of Food:  Italian

Hey, you're not taking a picture of me..........Yep, I did!

Has Kendall's vertical improved THAT MUCH!?!?!?!? 

What are you doing?  You're supposed to be warming up!

The players are asked to challenge each other when peppering.  Here's Kendall hitting to a teammate!

Kendall has a good floater and works on it every practice.

RVC West was a fun tournament!
We proved that we could play with the BEST!!

When there's rest time at a tournament, some of the players do homework!

Kendall did a fantastic job of umpiring in Lauringburg!       YOU GO!!!

Here's the person who was sleeping behind
After going 7-2 on our net, we deserved this nap! 

Best friends!  Gina & Kendall

Kendall & Gina meet on Friday night before the Asheville tournament to talk strategy with Coach Houser.

Now get a good night's sleep & let's kick some butt this weekend!

Sam and Kendall listen to music during our
down time in Asheville. 

In Asheville, we ate at an Italian restaurant, we thought we had enough time........whoooops!

Erika & Kendall have a great time at Hollins.  We won that 16's tournament!!

After practice one night, we celebrated Sam's birthday with drinks & cupcakes!

At Bethann's birthday party, Kendall smiles at the camera.  We had a great time.........and we thought Bethann would be surprised, but we couldn't tell!  haha

watches the rookies pass at Bassett Community Center Camp on May 21

At the end of the season, we're STILL trying to be better servers!!

On January 26, we scrimmaged the 16 Blue team.  And what do the players do when it's not their turn to be on the court?  You guessed it......they cheese for the camera!!

Kendall & Millie do the "Hit Dig Drill" at the Skills Competition on May 3rd.  Millie finished 3rd and Kendall finished 5th.

At the Region Championships, the parents brought a bunch of food!   Some of the players emailed me that this was one of the most vivid memories of the season!

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