Atlanta In Roanoke
Day 2:  "The Tournament"
at Hollins University

We played in the 16's division and we won!
Our 2nd tournament championship of the season.

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Millie goes up for another big hit!

One final match to play.......and the tournament is OURS!!

Eva with her mother Gail

Erica practices before a match.

What is Kendall dreaming about?

Kristen doing what Kristen does
If there's boys around, my team will find them. Our 2nd work team of the day. What's so funny?
We beat NRV 16's:   25-18, 25-15
We beat Rockbridge Juniors 16's:  25-22, 25-9
We beat Blue Ridge 16's:   25-9, 25-12
We split with Augusta County Smash:   25-22, 21-25

We finished as the only team with a winning record!!

Final record: 7-1
Another Tournament Championship!!

Season Record:  50-30

Gina gets another block!

The team meets after a rally.

Like I said, If there's a boy around............

Gina ready to hit against NRV

Hollins University 16's Tournament Champions.
We won chocolate bunny rabbits......Bethann's didn't last long! 

One more time........"Together We DID!!!"

Some memories!

We did beastly in the 16u division, but thank you so much to the 16 Blue team that swapped with us. 
It saved our butts lol.
had a lot of fun playing, and EVERYONE contributed!
Also, i was an up-ref for the first time and it was really fun. 
Especially calling lifts on people Muah ha ha ha! :-p
Lindsey did great when she set, and everybody passed and hit wonderfully!
I had so much fun!
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