#13  Erika Janowicz

School: William Byrd High
Birthday:  12/22/89
Class 2008
Height:  5'11"
Position:  Opposite
Years playing Jrs:  0
Years playing school ball:  2
Other sports: School soccer.
Animal:  Penguin.
Way to Waste Time: Paint fingernails & phone
Clothing Store:  American Eagle
Place To Vacation:  Hilton Head
Restaurant:  TGI Fridays/Chick-Fil-Lay
TV Show:  American Dreams
Type of Food: Mashed Potatoes
 Word:  Okay

At the Fashion Show on Jan 23, Erika wears the shirt from her favorite movie!

Sometimes I'm asked, "Coach, do you have trouble with your team concentrating on what you're saying?"

You think?


Playing back row with Gina is fun! 
Come on Austin, HIT IT!!!

No Coach Houser!!
Don't make me eat Kendall's veggies!

YUUUUUM!  Pretzel
@ Timberlake on Feb 26th

Joanna listens to cool music!

Erika eats her sandwich at Laurinburg as Sam and Stephanie conspire on how to steal it!

Erika & Stephanie test out a parent's chair at RVC West on Feb 19th.

The kids aren't the only people who get sleepy at tournament!  :) 

Here's Erika's other parent!  Her & her mom are best buddies!

Erika's family had their dog with them at Asheville because they'd come straight from the beach to the tournament site!  Pretty cute!!

Erika hits balls at someone.  Notice that her teamates gasp at the amazing digs that are being made!  Who is that on the other side of the net?

Everyone does their duty calling lines.  Here's Erika between games at Asheville.

The Faces Of Erika Janowicz

At the April 28th voluntary, Erika poses for the camera!

What's going on?
Well, here's Millie, Kendall, Stephanie & Sam pointing at Erika at the end of that same voluntary practice. 

On April 23, we scrimmaged the 15's Red team (and split with them), then we scrimmaged the 16's Blue team, beat them 26-24.  Here's Gina, Erika & Eva at the net waiting for the 15's team to serve. 

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