#31 Bethann Heatwole

School: Franklin County High
Birthday:  4/30/1990
Class 2008
Height:  5'9"
Position:  MB

Years playing Jrs:  0
Years playing school ball:  3

Other sports: School basketball & school softball

Animal:  Dog
Way to Waste Time: TV & phone
Place To Vacation:  Beach
Restaurant: Red Lobster; TV Show:  Strong Medicine
Type of Food: Mac & Cheese.

Bethann's serve has devastating potential!  I can't wait to see how it progresses!!

Jeeeze, we're trying to take a team picture......can't you wait even a minute!  haha

That's Lindsey sitting to Bethann's left.  Wonder what Lindsey said?

Bethann practices basketball for 2 hours, then rushes to Roanoke to practice vball.  She & Lindsey are so special!

Snacks after practice!

Gosh, these tournaments whup me!

Here's Bethann at RVC W on Feb 19th. 
If you want to know more, ask Erika

Yep, we beat that team.
Where's the next one?

Sometimes Bethann wins.
Sometimes the pants win.

Kendall & Bethann wait for their meal at the Italian restaurant in Asheville. We thought we had it all planned out.......but we didn't!

We play some serious elbow tag!
In Asheville, Bethann screens Lindsey from Gina!

Bethann relaxes before our playoff game in Asheville.

Is Bethann peaking at something?  Aren't the holes in the net big enough to see through?

We know you're hungry.  Everyone's hungry.  Just be patient and you'll get some food soon!

Here are the parents of our MBs!
Freddie is Bethann's dad and
Lori is
Gina's mom.



Wait until Bethann finds out the next pool is starting 45 minutes early!

The camera catches Bethann at our end-of-season get together!   Bethann placed 4th in our Skill Competition a few weeks earlier!

Bethann has a devastating spinner serve!   Here at Va Beach, she tries it out on the Tidewater 14's!


Bethann has 3 brothers and sisters.  Here she is at the Deli showing one of them off!

"What did you say?
Hey, you don't mess with MB's!"


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