#11 Jessica

Congrats Jessica for being named to the 20006 Old Dominion All-Region Tournament Team!! 
CONGRATS First Team All-River Ridge District 2007
CONGRATULATIONS for being named 2007 Honorable Mention All-State!!
School: Hidden Valley Middle
Birthday:  10/26/90
Class 2009
Height:  5'6"Position:  OH
Years playing Jrs:  0
Years playing school ball:  2
Other sports: School softball & travel softball.
Animal:  Horse; Band:  Tim McGraw
Way to Waste Time: Instant Messaging
Clothing Store:  H&M
Place To Vacation:  Saratoga Spring NY
Restaurant:  Alexanders;
TV Show:  The OC
Type of Food: Steakhouse; Word:  Mediocre

Jessica with her favorite coat!!

Is your nose cold?
Or do you just fear the next drill?

The Fashion Show was awesome!  Jessica walks down the runway made of mats!

Jessica talks to Coach Houser about the upcoming playoffs at the February 26th Timberlake Tournament

#11 Jessica picks up the ball as her teammates celebrate another point scored in the finals at Timberlake!

No, John isn't mad at his daughter.....I asked him to sneak up behind her so I could take a picture! To see the entire family, visit our family page sometime.

 Jessica has a great time with her teammates at the Brambleton Deli.  Then we all went out and saw a movie!

Coach Houser.......you want me to do WHAT?!?!?!?

Jessica gets a ball up at Ashville Hi Neighbor!  We finished 3rd after being seeded 22nd!  Whoa!

Jessica is one of our referees, but at Asheville we didn't have to be on the stand!


Now how cool is Millie's mom to bring us Rocket Pops at the end of a voluntary!!!  WOW!

Jessica was the starting 3rd baseman for the HV JV sball team.  Here she studies the action vs. Salem!

During our scrimmage vs. the 15 Red team, each girl played 1 game &  watched & cheered for 1 game. 

This is great!   All this just for winning Diamond?  Thanks mom!!

Jessica speaks her mind at the End of the Season Get Together on May 15th.  Whoa!!  Do I want to know what this was about?

At the State Championships, the parents brought a big load of food and everyone ate some.  Here's Jessica and Eva doing the the team thing.

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