#8 Millie Leach

School: Salem High
Birthday:  6/16/90
Class 2008
Height:  5'6"
Position:  OH
Years playing Jrs:  1
Years playing school ball:  3
Other sports: School swimming
Animal:  Cat
Band:  Blink 182
Way to Waste Time: TV
Clothing Store:  Pac Jun
Place To Vacation:  Nagshead
Restaurant:  Famous Anthony's & BK
TV Show:  Viva La Bum
Type of Food:  Fast
Word:  Word

Gosh, Joanna, can't you just leave Millie alone?  You big brute!

At the Fashion Show, each girl was allowed to put on one thing.  This was Millie's choice.  No, I don't know why. 

Millie is a fine passer.
This ready position indicates that nothing will surprise her.

I'll go there, you'll go here..........or is the other way around?

Handing balls to the coach.

"Hey, Millie, I know that we didn't play well in that last match, but we didn't play THAT BAD!!"

"Sam, I love your music!!!"

Millie practices her line calls at the Hollins tournament.  Yeah, there will be no doubt about this call.

Millie & Erika cheese at the Brambleton Deli during our first night of "Atlanta In Roanoke".

Mille, are your hands stuck?
You can't get free?

Millie serve receives at practice!
Wow has she improved in her passing this spring!!

How do you girls do that?

The Faces Of Millie Leach

Millie (far right) celebrating at Virginia Beach another point won by her team!!

After we lost to Low Country, Millie & Stephanie hug.  Is the season really over?!?!?! 

"Ahhhh, did I really hit you in the face?  Maybe we warm up too seriously?   

Nah!!!!!  Let's pepper some more!"

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