#21 Lindsey Campbell

Congrats Lindsey for being named to the u15's Old Dominion Region All-Tournament Team in 2005!!
As a junior at Franklin County in the fall of 2007, Lindsey was named first team All-District and Franklin County team MVP!! 
School: Ben Franklin Middle
Birthday:  10/3/1990
Class 2009
Height:  5'5"
Position:  S
Years playing Jrs:  0
Years playing school ball:  2
Other sports: School basketball, school softball & travel softball.
Animal:  Dog
Band:  Yes, drums.
Way to Waste Time: Ride dirtbikes
Place To Vacation:  Beach
Restaurant: Buffalo Wildwings
TV Show:  Boy Meets World
Type of Food: Chicken
Word:  guze

"Look, I know that Coach Houser's OK with us eating cupcakes before practice.  Go ahead and eat one and you'll see......he won't mind.  Really!"

There's so much to learn as a setter.  Sorry, but I had to interrupt practice again!

As Coach Houser pokes a ball to the other team, Lindsey prepares to play defense.

Lindsey & Erika. 
Check out the new Tshirt that the team received at RVC West!!  COOOOL!!

What a play digging that ball out of the net!!     8th graders just don't do that!

Lindsey hangs out with a cousin & a teammate at Timberlake on Feb 26th.

Stephanie & Lindsey are taking a break before our playoff at RVC West on Feb 19th.

Gosh, did everyone sleep at RVC West?  To see the other nappers, touch here or here.

As Lindsey prepares to set the final two games vs. Augusta County Smash, she discusses some things with Coach Houser

Erika, stop harassing people!

Lindsey's caught in the lobby outside the gym at Asheville.  We had to eat something before the semifinals!

Lindsey serves vs. NETVC at Asheville Middle School. We lost the first game, but then won 29-27, 16-14.  If we'd have lost that match, we'd never had made the Gold Playoffs......what a weekend!

Lindsey's was injured and couldn't play at Monument, so she made the best of the situation!

Kendall & Lindsey are warming up in Asheville playing elbow tag.


We love having treats after practice, especially when we're celebrating Sam's birthday!

As we're getting ready to play on Sunday morning in Virginia Beach, Lindsey ties her shoes. 

Oh, my goodness!!
Is this that birth defect that your mom was telling me about?

Lindsey rests beside her teammates at Virginia Beach.  All the players hang out together while we're working.  It's the "team" thing to do.

Lindsey's mom, Sandy, takes a nap at Tallwood High.....after the light finally came on!

More pictures of Va Beach........here's Lindsey "working" at Tallwood High School.


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