The "What Makes You Special" Awards
February 12, 2005


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Stephanie Crawford was given
"The Always Smiling" Award
Kristen Cutting was given the
"Sense of Humor" Award
Millie Leach was given the
"Learned to Jump Serve" Award
Kendall Patterson was given the"Love of Volleyball" Award
Gina Burgess was given the
"Playing Through Pain" Award
Jessica Church was given the
"Take Care Of The Team" Award
Samantha Thomas was given the "Smack Talker" Award
 #13 Erika Janowicz was given the "Appears in Every Picture" Award
Lindsey Campbell was given the "Best Accent" Award
Eva Delaney was given the
"Energizer Bunny" Award
Bethann Heatwole was given the"CSI - Roanoke" Award
Practice Player Addy Cutting was given the
"Do Anything For The Team" Award
Assistant Coach Austin Brooks was given the
"We're a Better Team Because of You" Award
Stephanie Thomas, one of the parents, was given the "Online More Than Coach Houser" Award

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