Shamrock Festival 2005


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Before the final match.......we said how much we liked each other..........! The finals are over!
We won the Diamond Division and finished 5-4 for the weekend!!
.........and then we acted silly for the camera! CONGRATS SPIKED're awesome!!
We went shopping!
The moms helped!
Bethann & Lindsey working.  Gina, Eva & Kristen take a break before our match with Lake Norman. Jessica.........are you hiding or are you helping Addy referee? 

We beat NOVA Eclipse (Va) 25-5, 25-8
We beat Lake Norman Rage 16 (NC) 25-7, 20-25, 15-4
We lost to Court Authority (Pa) 25-21, 25-18
We lost to MVSA Hot Shots 16's (Md) 25-13, 25-19
Lost to South Car. Jrs 15 Blue 25-23, 24-26, 13-15
Brick City Flamez (NC) 17-25, 19-25

  We beat NETVC 16-1 (Tenn) 25-11, 25-7
We beat Columbia (Md) Storm 25-19, 25-7
We beat R&B Select Thunder 15 25-22, 26-24, 15-9

Final record: 11-10
Season Record:  43-29


Some memories of Shamrock:
The hat, the towel, the notebook, the program.....and the busted clipboard!


Our memories of the weekend:
(Each player's memories will be posted here as I receive their emails)

#9 Kendall Patterson
WoW that was so AwEsOmE!! everyone played hard and gave it all they had!
even when things weren't looking so good sunday morning, we picked ourselves up and played our hardest those last 3 matches.
i think that shows just how awesome of a team we really are!
Eva was setting up our passes no matter where the ball went!
Lindsey and Erika were doing great on rightside smacking every ball they got and had some great serves!
Steph and Kristen were digging out of their mind!
Gina and Bethann, jeez you guys showed you really are beasts this weekend!
Sam was doing so awesome either as MB or OH
(thanks to you and Eva for helping me through when i had to go in as MB that one time, that was scary)!
Jessica and Millie you guys had some insane hits that NO ONE could dig!
and Addy, wow, this weekend wouldn't have been the same without you!
it was so great to have you play with us!
also thanks to Coach for getting us this far in a 16'S TOURNAMENT!!!
it feels so great to say we placed against them!

#10:  Gina Burgess:
this weekend was SO MUCH FUN!!!!! everything about it...i don't even know where to start!!!!!
well, first of all i hearted this weekend, it rocked, i hearted it a lot!!! lol!!!!
when me, steph, stumpie, millie, and kendall all hung out at mac n bobs was a ton of fun!!!!
and when we went out to cici's!!! mmm i love that place!!!! and of course shopping!!!!
OMG me n addy where trying on the boxers and some guys were there and we were just like ummm....
:-D. lol it was sooo funny!!!!!
and then the next day when steph came over and we just watched videos the entire time!!!
"do you have any rusty spoons?" "you taste like sunshine dust" lol it was sooo much fun!!!!
and then of course, winning diamond!!!! haha giving us those towels was a mistake!!! sorry for whippin ya so hard addy!!!!
this weekend was sooo much fun and i can't wait til next year,
and our next tourny at hollins!!!!

#11:  Jessica Church:

#12:  Sam Thomas  
HeY EvErYoNe!!!!
Shamrock was the coolest! i had so much fun! i was so excited to get towels!
it was the best! I was so happy to win!!!!! it was uber uber cool! I cant get over it!
it was so exciting! ( how many times have i said that???)
welp, i had so much fun im gunna say it again! : "It WaS eXcItInG!!!!!!
AHHHH!!! hahahah!! i love this team!
~ * [] SaM [] * ~

#13: Erika Janowicz  
This weekend was a blast! I love how the team all gets along. 
It was great having Addy with us the whole tournament! Megan was an awesome coach too. 
We all bonded and got to know each other even more!  We all played awesome!
And I loved learning all the new phrases from Sam and Millie! :)

#21:  Eva Delaney:
i have a lot of memories for the weekend! we bonded really well as a team.
after we got down in those middle matches that we lost .. but we bounced
back and played really well! - ruby tuesdays was absolutely hilarious! we
told the funniest jokes! haha yall remember those - and that was also really
fun to be together outside of playing a game - playing at HV and winning our
divisions championship was also really special to me cuz it was at my
home court and i thought that was really awesome! - overall we had a
really sweet weekend and EVERYONE played their minds out .. we all had heart and
kept our heads up even though we got down those few matches - GREAT JOB YALL!

Coach Houser:

  I knew that the tournament would be tough......hey, we were 15's playing in a 16's tournament.
And when we won those first two matches, I knew it would get, it sure did!
However, after dealing with a lot of adversity, Erika snapped us back to life by destroying
 that old unlucky clipboard haha and we rebounded with 3 straight wins!!
AND then we become Diamond Champions!!    
Thank you players for staying unified the entire weekend.
Thank you parents for supporting us and allowing me to take all those pictures.
Thank you Austin & Meagan for all the help!!
The highlight of the tournament for me was how we dominated that final 3rd game vs. R&B Select. 
And guess what...........those memories aren't over!! 
Meagan videoed the entire 3rd game,
so we'll get to watch it again during our long Sunday practice at "Atlanta in Roanoke"


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