The Monument City Classic, Richmond, January 29-30, 2005

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Our 15's teammates are an excellent team and we love them!  They also have a great coach.    "Good luck, good luck, good luck......"

But today we were able to beat them, 15-25, 25-19, 15-6.

After our first playoff win, a 25-11, 25-19 win over RVC 15Z,. we're hungry!! Thank you Mrs. Thomas for the veggie tray!!

The day is done.
We had a great tournament. 
We played GREAT!!
And we are a team, regardless of the outcome!

Lost to NVVA Fairfax 15M:  24-26, 25-15, 6-15
Lost to TVA 15:  8-25, 14-25
Beat RVC 15Z:  25-22, 25-9
Beat Beach Junior 15 Wave: 25-16, 25-14
Beat Diamond Juniors 15: 25-11, 25-20
Beat Roanoke 15 Red: 15-25, 25-18, 15-9
Beat RVC 15Z:  25-14, 25-19
Lost to NVVA Fairfax 15M: 25-19, 20-25, 12-15 

Our memories of the weekend:
(Each player's memories will be posted here as I receive their emails)

#2: Stephanie Crawford:
Congrats to Eva who was hustling the whole weekend.
I thought it was incredible how we became a team so fast
The highlight of my weekend was beating the other 15's team

#3:  Kristen Cutting:
Me & Eva & Jessica were in the hotel in the restaurant and we were talking about 8 billion different things.
It was just team bonding. Eva was sooo tired and she just kept laughing.  And jessica was just being hilarious.
That was the best part of the weekend for me.  This has been one of my very favorite memories from sports.
Alsoooo when i was with millie, kendal, and gina in the elevator,
and a humongous guy walked in..and i mean this guy was HUUUUGE.
And he was just weird looking.   And when he got out we just alllllll started busting out laughing.
I guess it was a have to be there moment........both of those times.
I had the most fun just hanging out with the girls and getting to know each other.. this is the start of one awesome season!!
I HAD A FREAKING BLAST THIS WEEKEND!!! it was so awesome!!!

#9 Kendall Patterson
OMG! I had a blast at the tournament! I had the best memories when I was with everyone on the team!
Gina, for coming back at like 1am from the emergency room and still played her tail off the next day.
Millie, Kristen, Gina, and me in the elevator with the HUUGE guy (like kristen said)! that was halarious!
Then l8er hanging out in Jessica and Eva's hotel room just talking n not realizing it was 10:30 so my mom was left without a key! whooops!
And Erika for gettin 3 straight serves the last game in my place!   Thanks so much! 
And Sam, i cant think of a time i wasnt laughing at you, your HILARIOUS! omg lol!
Almost forgot, Gina, Steph, Tina, and me in the restaurant Friday night!
Steph, you makin ur "new friends" and making faces at people passing by!   Me n Gina were laughing the ENTIRE time!!!
o and Bethanne! way to fall asleep in the chair Saturday afternoon! heh!
that was soo mean of coach to take a picture of you! lol!  nah, i think we were all tired!
And thanks to Lindsay and Addy for coming when they couldn't even play! Way to come and support the team!
You guys did a great job!!! Also thanks to all the parents who came and supported us this weekend!
I know my mom was just as tired as i was Sunday night, and it really takes some awesome parents to be doin this for us!!
And you coach!  We wouldn't have gotten as far as we did without you!
I can't wait for more tournaments cause i know all we're going to do is get stronger and even better of a team!
N we're gonna get that gold!!!  You're an awesome coach!

#10:  Gina Burgess:
Everyone was a BEAST!!!!
I thought it was awesome how we were so enthusiastic!!!
Eva's sets were awesome!!!
Everyone did really really well!!!

#11:  Jessica Church:  
1) It was awesome when we realized that we could not possibly leave the tournament with a losing record. 
2) It felt really good to know that we started the tournament ranked 16th (last) and left with a record of 5-3. 
3) You could tell that we were really a team when we came back from being down 4-0 in our third match saturday morning against RVC. 
The game was only to 15, and we came back and won. 

#12: Samantha Thomas:
I think that everyone played extremely hard and well.
All that practicing paid off!   There were so many great plays made!
Great hits from the front and back row!   Also there were great passes and tips and
team-man-ship (is that a word?)  If it's not a word, then it's my new word in the
uber cool dictionary of mine).   Everyone did great and I believe that it
brought the whole team closer together!   We are CRAZY COOL!!   eh- oh!

#13: Erika Janowicz  
I thought it was awesome how we had such great sportsmanship, 
played as a team, and had high spirits throughout the whole tournament.

#14: Lindsey Campbell
Great play by Eva when she came from no where and wasn't afraid to get on the
floor and got a crazy dig that not many 8th graders could do.
That was so so funny when in between games Ericka cried out to Sam
I thought it was incredible the way we never got down on each other
and played to our best abilitly all tournament,
And i think it really paid off in the end.


#21:  Eva Delaney:  
lot of Millie's hits were INSANE!
The up jess had in the last game that we played and got back over the net
The dinner was great team bonding
Friday night the girls that were at the hotel at the time came to
jessica and my's room and we talked about fun things and i think that brought us closer together
Some of Stephanie's passes were CRAZY that she brought up
Gina's tip's in middle were awesome!

Addy Cutting
I thought the team did awesome at the Monument Tournament.
I really enjoyed gettin to hang out with everyone!
You guys are great! Everyone did a great job and gave it all they had. 
Everybody worked as a team and it shows!
I think you guys are off to a really great season!

Coach Houser:  
We were so poised!  When the team got rattled, everyone picked each other up.
I told my wife that even against really good teams,
"The players just refused to give in.  They just refused to believe that the opponent wasn't beatable."
My most vivid memories will be:
Gina's 10 serves that took us from 3-3 to 13-3 in the third game after she was in the emergency room for the night before.
I'll also remember Eva's great setting, our passer's great serve receptions,
Bethann's and Erika's emergence as front row beasts,
Addy's & Lindsey's incredible commitment to their teammates and
Sam's patience & then her willingness to play anywhere she was asked.

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