Old Dominion Region Championships 2005!!


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First off, it's Bethann's birthday party the night before!!

Bethann's birthday party was at Manakin Grill, near Short Pump, Va.

Bethann shows off one of her presents. 
I think that present is GREAT!!

Everyone listens to the rejection phone message.

Lindsey listens to rejection! Austin eats some of Bethann's birthday cake.  YUM!! Gina showing what she can do with a lemon slice Kendall.  What are you DRINKING!?!?!?!

Now, let's get down to the action of Sunday May 1st !!

Here we are before we work Diamond 15's vs. Beach Surf Erika & Sam practice with the flags. 
Yep, I think that's more than adequate.
This is what teammates are for!


We beat Valley:   15's 25-10, 25-9.
Diamond 15's:   25-5, 25-18
Lost to Beach Girls Surf:  18-25, 25-19, 8-15.

First found:  We eliminated Blue Ridge 15's:   25-16, 25-17
Quarterfinals:  We eliminated RVC 15N:  25-19, 25-18
This win cost me my goatee! 
Semifinals:  We lost to Fredericksburg Fury:  25-27, 23-25.

Final record:  9-4
Overall record for the season:  80-47
Can you believe that? 


Our spirit was the best of the entire year!!
The girls spin after a Spiked Punch kill.
(Spining make me dizzy!)
Now the girls run up & down the bench celebrating another great play!!  This type of spirit helps us play our best!! 

Kristen shares with the team what she considered to be the best part of the day! Another amazing tournament. 
We came in seeded 5th.  We finished 3rd.
Great job everyone.  We're such an incredible TEAM!!

Here's some info on our day!!
We go in seeded 5th of 20, right?  
Well, we got off our net in 2nd place, but had to play a pre-quarterfinal match
(they took TWELVE into playoffs from 5 nets............go figure). 
We won that pre-quarter match vs. the #11 seed,
then we won our quarter vs. the #3 seed!!!!!!!!  Whoa! 
Now we're in the semi's vs. #2. 
(In the other semi were #1 and #6.  #6 was the team who finished first on OUR original net, that was pretty satisfying!). 
We lost that semifinal match to #2 25-27 and 23-25. 
Could have gone either way.     Maybe that extra match vs. #11 did us in. 
What a tournament.  I'm so proud of my team.  They played their hearts out and the bench had FANTASTIC spirit.
How can it get any better?
Well we have one more try at making memories. 

VIRGINIA BEACH, May 7-8!!!!!!

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