Timberlake Christian School, February 26, 2005


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We won our net, going 8-1.
Playoffs are coming up!
We just beat HOV Navy 25-12, 25-13.
It's time to get a snack!
25-17, 19-25, 15-5 winners!
We're champions of this tournament.
And as soon as the coaches leave, look what happens!  haha.
Millie..........are you really going to wear those? Sam snacks before our final match vs. Williamsburg Lindsey, what are you up to? Kristen relaxes after our final pool play match with Valley 15's.

We beat Williamsburg 15-1:  25-27, 25-17, 25-14
We beat HOV Red:  25-13, 25-11, 25-14.
We beat Valley 15's:  25-6, 25-21, 25-18.

We finished first on our net and advanced to.......


We beat HOV Navy:  25-13, 25-12.
We beat Williamsburg 15-1:  25-18, 19-25, 15-5 

Final record:  12-2!!!!

Season Record:  32-19!!!

This was a wonderful tournament for our team!
All the grandparents & parents & cousins got to see us play.

Next up:  Shamrock on March 12-13.

And we played wonderfully!
One player said, "I'm so competitive."
One player said, "We're going to win this!"

The team played the best they've played all season! 

Serving %:  93.2%!!!!
Serve Receive:  1.70!!!!


Our memories of Timberlake:
(Each player's memories will be posted here as I receive their emails)

#2: Stephanie Crawford:
lindsay-was setting awesome and is insane at that elbow tag
erika-was doing an awesome job serving and was beastin up the right side
millie-was crazy hitting outside(get what you want at first team)
eva-was hustling all over the place and was setting awesome
jessica-was demoralizing the opponents
bethann-was literally killing the opponents
kendall-was smacking every ball she got
gina-was earning like a billion m&m's
sam-was hitting and passing stupenderously
kristen-was a back row beast
addy-was always cheering with her grandma and her brother

#3:  Kristen Cutting:
my best memory has to be the time when sam did her chubby joke. HOLY COW.. i mean it was just hilarious. i havent laughed so hard in the longest time.. sam you are awesome.. and thanks for getting me up that last game!! "and i said suuuuuure uncle chubby!" hahahaha youre a beast!! i had a BLAST this weekend.. it seemed like our team just bonded SO WELL and we all just had fun together.. definitely many more good times to come!

#9 Kendall Patterson

everyone did SO awesome! that was definitely the best ive seen our team play this season! and if thats how well we are playing after only the 4TH tourniment omg...we are going to CRUSH every team by May! CANT WAIT!!! jeez there were sooo many memories from saturday, and all of em were hilarious! loved the elbow tag! and how awful it smelt in that gym! lol! sorry guys! didnt realize food lion sold rotten veggies! ill never forget that last championship game and how exciting it was with the parents screaming in the bleachers! it was so much fun!

#10:  Gina Burgess:
Bethann's facial was def. one of the best things I've ever seen!!
Everyone was hitting the ball soooo hard!!! it was so cool!!!!
Joanna was crazy!!! thanks for being our assitant coach!!
When we were playing elbow tag and steph fall down on the floor!!!!   omg that was soo funny!!!
When we were talking about the scores and eva was like "it was something to 2..." and everyone was just like "uhh...25??" haha
Everyone played sooo good and it was awesome that we got 1ST PLACE!!!!!!!!!

#11:  Jessica Church:

We played awesome as a team! 
-It was great to have Millie back and she hit really stupendously
Plus i loved all her cheers that she came up with...especially the beef jerky one! lol
We all had fun during down time, and b-4 the one game when we were coming up with Kill cheers.
lol  It was hilarious...everybody was doing different gun impersonations.  Sam as a machine gun was pretty funny. 
-Eva set really well, and had some great dumps. 
-Lindsey beasted her hits from the right side and she did really awesome stepping in and setting.  (man i wish i was left handed)
-We had really awesome back row digs
-Our cheers were awesome, and i think they helped us come together even more as a team. 
We are now a team to be reckoned with! :-)

#12: Samantha Thomas:
the tournament at Timberlake was crazy!!!!!!!!! it was so much fun!! im so happy that joanna came!
sorry about forgetting my shoes....haha! the games were tight! they were so richeous! (spelling??)  i cant get over it!!
"hey guys, how do ya like your beef jerky?? SMOKED!!!!!!"   that is such a CRAZY flaming awesome cheer! 
hey, to everyone! the whole team played AMAZING!! dude.  
Kristen: "i said SUUUURE uncle chubby!!" haha   i challenge you to the "chubby bunny game"
*said in deep scary echoing man voice* its going to be great!!!
and steph.....OAR IS THE BEST! o-my- GARSH this was an awesome tournament!
i had so much fun! thanks coach for the ride up there! it was FUN!!
weare BEASTLY-O-MANIACS! - that word is going in my dictionary!

#14: Lindsey Campbell
DUDE!!!! (im talkin like yall roanokers now) this weekend was the best!!!
it was all soo fun, i cant even name certain events that took place.
Well, besides bethanns smackdown in the last game. that was CRAZY!!!
and sam's chubby joke, and once again evas sets were more than you could ask for,
millie hits, and ginas hits, and jessicas hits,
well everyone that laid hands on the ball did great!!!
And in between games we all bonded like we had known each other for years! its awesome.
man i loved my aau basketball team, but i dont think i ever laughed as hard with them in 4 years as i did with all you guys in this one weekend!!! yall are the best!!! But watch out you'll never beat me in elbow tag!!!   :)

#21:  Eva Delaney:  
-everyone hanging out in between games was so much fun!
-working on all our cheers was absolutely hilarious!
-just the team bonding that went on was awesome!

Addy Cutting:
Great job tournament champs! I thought the team did awesome at timberlake! You guys really worked as a team and never gave up! I hope y'all enjoyed the crowd's cheering, it was so much fun. I cant wait until Shamrock! I am so siked I get to play with y'all! It's gonna be great!

Coach Houser:  
We've experienced some low points this season.   Now we've experienced the highs!!
Our MB's had THIRTY ONE kills!!  We gave out our first facial......no charge.
We got our first jump serve in the court.  Our OH's were ripping the ball!
Our back row was digging balls that we haven't dug all year.
OUR SERVE RECEIVE was outstanding!
Our MB's were dominating our opponents.   Our setting was the best that it's been all year.
And our bench made up cheers for the team and stood up when the games got tight and their teammates needed support!
Great job fans:  "Roanoke, Roanoke, Roanoke."  You gave me goose bumps!
Players:  We just played at a level that can beat nearly every team in Virginia. 
Congrats on a GREAT day!  Thank you parents!

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