Our Trip to Laurinburg, North Carolina, February 5th, 2005

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Our referee, Addy Cutting!! Hey, Austin, we KNOW you saw that sign!! Bethann........great job scorekeeping!! Gina & Erica found the school mascot.  I hope you didn't tell Sam!!
Yep, they told Sam!  GREAT JOB today as an OH!! And here's our other OH!! Great job Kendall! It's was great to have Lindsey back today!! Libero's & Setters!
They always get along!!

Lost to Club Wake:   22-25, 13-25
Lost to Canuck Jr. Jammers:  22-25, 18-25
Lost to FAVA:  25-22, 24-26, 9-15

We had a great day in NC!
We played in the Gold Division,
and that made us a better team!

Everyone played hard all the way to the end..........even through that weird 3-game match at the end.........we'll never forget all those interruptions and the coach who said, "You're in my face!"  LOL!!
Thank you parents for getting the girls there on time.  Thank you for feeding them.  And sorry I missed a few turns on the way home.   (I kept begging someone to take the lead, but nooooo.  haha).

Austin: Great job catching the illegal substitution!  You EARNED that ice cream!

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