Asheville Hi Neighbor 15's Tournament!!


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The team had a meeting on Friday night.  We decided we were going to have a great tournament!!!

The gym at Asheville Middle School on Saturday morning was cold!!

We ate lunch at an Italian restaurant.  We THOUGHT we had the time perfectly planned. How were we to know that the next pool would start 45 minutes early?

Erika, it's just a camera.
I know you recognize it!
Brutal elbow tag! Kristen is THE #1 scorekeeper Hey, Bethann, what's that one your nose?

Saturday April 2nd
We lost to Club Wake 22-25, 16-25
We beat NETVC 15 Blue:  25-23, 28-30, 18-16
We beat Cobra 15 Copper:  25-21, 25-20.
We beat Biltmore 15's White:  23-25, 25-21, 15-11 
Thank you Deanna Cutting and Geoff Boyer for keeping us from forfeiting!!
We lost Hickory Hammers:  22-25, 15-25

Sunday April 3rd
We beat WNC:  25-21, 25-17

We beat Cary YMCA Spikeforce:  23-25, 25-15, 15-6
We lost to Biltmore 15's Black (the #1 seed in the tournament) 25-27, 12-25.

So after being seeded TWENTY - SECOND in the 32-team field,
we made the final 4 in the entire tournament. 
That's something the 15's team of 2 years ago wasn't able to accomplish!!! 

Another Interesting Fact:
The 4 teams that made the semifinals of 15's Gold were seeded #1, #2, #3 and #22!!

Final record in Asheville:  11-8
Overall record for the season: 61-38

Kristen & Bethann chill before our 2nd playoff game. Hey, Millie, you don't have to put the entire bag of chips in your mouth at one time! The Churches & Delaneys lead Austin & me home over the mountains!  Wow. 
SHEW!!  We almost forfeited, then we WON.......THREE STRAIGHT!!  haha.     What a memory!! We had a talk before playoffs began.  "We're not just going to show up.  We're going to WIN!!"  And we did.
Our parents, brothers and sisters are our biggest fans!
You're awesome!!
Another great tournament!
We started off #22 and ticked off.  We finished #3 and proud!!
Let's do this again really soon!!

Our memories of the weekend:
(Each player's memories will be posted here as I receive their emails)

#9 Kendall Patterson
another AwEsOmE tourniment!
they keep getting better and better!
everyone did great and it was perty cool playing a different position!
cant believe we were ranked 22nd and ended up in the final four.
it was awesome proving the hammer's coach wrong too!

#10:  Gina Burgess:
i had sooo much fun this weekend!!!
sharing a room with kendall and stephanie was soo awesome!!! "step aside sista'!" "i'm really scared!!"
hahaha omg it was so much fun!! esp. when we were watchin the movies that one night!! hahahha!!!
it was awesome havin the red team coming over to cheer with us, and winning against all of those games!!!
everyone was covering soo well and esp. those couple of games in our 2nd pool and in the playoffs!!!!
this team has been so much fun this year and i love everyone on this team so much!!!

#11:  Jessica Church:
Eating lunch was fun lol...and then what we did after lunch...winning 3 straight was awesome!
Bethanne hit the ball really hard, and the 61's she ran were pretty cool!
Kristen passed really well!
Kendall did sweet in a new position
Steph served tough!
Hitters hit the ball really hard!
It was good to have Erika back and hang out with her again :-)
I had so much fun!
Final Four baby!

#12:  Samantha Thomas
word. total word. DUDE!! there was this girl that was on the "hickory
hammers" team omg the tall middle one with the sweet brades....dude
looked EXACTLY like hunter. it was so funny. But she hit the ball all
hard and stuff. she was my favorite person. HAHA BEAH PARTY!!! with
erica! "eh, yo, stumpy... STUMPY GOT GAME!" sitting up with austin and
stumpy was soo much fun and talking about books and movies! and the
"top 100 scary movies!!!!" hahahahahahha i bet kristen couldnt sleep
that night.... jp WORD im out.

#14 Lindsey Campbell

Asheville was lots of fun!!!
Eva was setting great, and everyone who hit was REALLY hitting the ball,
i thought our serves were really good, and many of
us were serving spots really well.
I thought it was awesome the way we went into the tournament 22 and came out 4!
We are gonna be awesome by the VA beach tournament.
So yeah.... even though it was EXTREMELY cold for april we were on fire this tournament.
                                                   #14  Lindsey

#21:  Eva Delaney
-the win we got that the HH's coach said "there was no way they could loose to us" :-)
-the AWESOME dig erika brought up
-we talked a lot more on the court which helped us get as far as we did
-millie was CRUSHING the ball
-our middle's were hitting the ball in all the right places
-serving was really great i though .. i dont think we missed as many serves as we usually do!
-overall i thought we had a kick butt weekend and i'm so proud of everyone!!

Coach Houser:

This was a special tournament for us.............but we're starting to get used the the result: GREAT!!!
It seems that our team plays better every week.
Gosh, I just got home from practice on Sunday 4/10 and WHOA, we played GREAT!!!
But at Asheville, we were always busting our butts to get balls up and to hit good sets.
The girls who weren't in the game were cheering their hearts out.
You guys picked me up when I messed up!  :(  Jeeeeze!
Thank you parents, players, Austin..............everyone!
The tournament was INCREDIBLE!!


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