Allison Burton
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OK, this is now just right!  Yep, just right!

Allison always picks the transparent ball to pepper with b/c it's more challenging!

Some people just don't act normal during the holidays!
Allison peppers during practice on Dec 6th.  She was a partner with Morgan They worked each other hard!
We finish the JMU trip at 9-0!  Great day for the team!


When the team- mates are working, there has to be some-thing to pass the time!

During meeting, the girls have a hard time concentrating! Gussie & Allison wait for the team to warm up at Monument. After we finished playing on Day 2 of Monument, everyone got their crowns.  The girls at the table had to take theirs off.  That stunk!

During our hop-scotch game at JMU,
we took a pic!

Then, after the hop-scotch, we found a big pile of snow to take more pics!   At Capitol Hill, we had no problem finding places to shop.  Before we left the Roanoke Civic Center on day 1 of Shamrock, we talked about the next day!  Let's get to gold!

The team played Who's Line Is It Anyway at JMU.  Here, Allison's ride has crashed on her.  

Allison gets her thumb taped at Big South before our first match.


At Ninja practice, we tried to take a mean pictures.  Ava just couldn't!  serious.  Thanks Morgan!!  This was pretty cool!

Allison was our first referee at RVC North in March.  WOW, that stand is high, and it even has a seat!  Then when your back is turned.....Jenny will steal it!  There's photo evidence here!

   We lost 2nd round of silver at Shamrock!  And we let it all hang out! "Don't laugh Lauren! It's really scary up here!"  As soon as we entered RVC North, the girls attack the foozball game.

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• Monument • RVCNorthJan30 • CapitolHill • JMU • Shamrock • RVCNorthMarch27 • BigSouth • The Bid •


School: Hidden Valley High
Birthday: September 4th
Class: 10th grade, 2012
positon: libero
Years playing Juniors: 3 Years
Years playing school ball: 4 years

Food: pasta/pizza
Favorite candy: twix
Color: pink or blue
What I want to be: ER doctor
Things I like to do: Ride horses, play guitar
Animal: dog/horse
My hero: Aunt Amy
Song: you belong with me Taylor Swift
Actor/Actress: Jake Gyllenhal
Movie: A walk to remember
Class at school: English
Store: Forever 21
Restaurant: Callypso
Vacation Spot: cayman islands
College Team: DUKE
number: 21