Lauren Thomas
Last updated:  12/19/2012 10:40 AM

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OK, we're going to have to try this serious picture again!
"Where is my other boot??" Lauren peppers during practice.  Our MB's have impressive ball control! Lauren works on her jump floater!  She uses it at every tournament....and it came through for us at The Bid. We knew it would! We exchanged gifts on Dec 23rd. 
Great job everyone!

At JMU, Sarah and Lauren laugh at the girls doing the skits!  Your time is coming!  :)

"Hey, don't put me in the middle of this!  NO, don't hook onto me either!"

OK, Lauren, you have a cold?  Some congestion?  You need a tissue?  Oh, we're at Auburn....and it's really cold! After we did hair ribbons at Monument, Mrs. Thomas fixes Lauren's hair!  Is there anything better?
At JMU, we walked all around campus!  That was fun! At JMU, there were dance teams practicing!  They were awesome! At DC, Lauren was COD and gave everyone lip gloss inside a ring.  Now that's cool! Then on the 2nd day of DC, we go 2-1. That's 5-1 overall.  If we win our challenge match, we go to gold!  Wow, are we tired!
After our 11am pool at Shamrock, we went to Bellacinos!  AWESOME! "OK, guys, it's been a long day.  Can't we leave together.   yet?" At RVC North, no one has to tell Lauren to take her work seriously! We arrive at The Georgia World Congress Center on day 1....this is EXCITING!
Then after our 5pm pool, we talked about our 3-1 record and making it to gold! See ya at 7:15am tomorrow.    

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Birthday: August 17
Class: 2013
Position: Middle Hitter/Blocker
Years playing Juniors: 2 years
Years playing school ball: 3 years (plus a year of managing in 6th grade!)

Food: Pizza
Favorite Candy: Jolly Ranchers
Color: Purple
Things I Like To Do: Volleyball!!, Shopping, Listening to music, hanging out with friends
Animal: Kitty
My Hero: My parents
Song: Jump Then Fall by Taylor Swift
Actor/Actress: James Lafferty
Movie: Get Smart
Class at School: Math
Store: Marshalls or Macy's
Restaurant: Olive Garden
Vacation Spot: beach
College Team: Virginia Tech!
Number: 2 or 12