Sarah Gray
Last updated:  05/15/2010 09:59 PM

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When some of the teammates are still putting on shoes and ankle braces, the rest of the girls grab the cameras!
Sarah peppers during practice.  We pepper hard so that we can improve our digging as much as possible. After hop-scotch at JMU, we took this team picture!
On Dec 15th, we celebrated Sarah's birthday.  Here she blows out the candles on her "cake". On Dec 23, we exchanged birthday presents.  Pretty fun! "OK, Coach Easter, this is how we want to warm up.  We think we should play elbow tag.  Think you can talk Coach into that?"

YUM!!   You go Lauren!  This is just what we needed!

 Lauren gives Sarah her first haircut.  Yep, this is Whose Line Is It Anyway at JMU!

No, I'm not deleting them.  Really, I'm not! 
OK, only the ones with me on them. But that's all. 
While teammates are working, the girls have to come up with something to pass their time! 
Sarah finds her dad asleep at JMU! We go 9-0 at JMU, and we're ready to go home!  

  We had some pretty cool practices!  Not only Ninja practice, but we also had Super Bowl practice (actually occured during the game!) and St Patrick's Day practice!

OK, the a.m. wave of Day 2 of Big South is over. We won our net and now.... it's a challenge match ....  for a chance to go to gold!  But, first, let's go over the CNN building for a team LUNCH! 

 Hop-scotch on this cold, icy sidewalk isn't as easy as we thought!

Yummy! Now that the tournament is over for the day, we can eat what we want!    

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School: Hidden Valley High School
Birthday: December 15th
Class: 2013
Position: Outside Hitter!
Years playing Juniors: 2 years
Years playing school ball: 3 years (plus one year of managing)
Food: French Fries
Favorite Candy: Skittles
Color: Lime Green
What I Want To Be: Work with kids
Things I Like To Do: VOLLEYBALL, hang out with friends. shop!
Animal: Kitty Cat
My Hero: My Parents
Song: I really like Taylor Swift!
Actor/Actress: Taylor Lautner!!!!
Movie: The Notebook and Taken
Class at School: Math
Store: Hollister
Restaurant: Chic-Fil-A
Vacation Spot: Myrtle Beach or Disney World
College Team: VIRGINIA TECH!
Number: 5