Gussie Revercomb
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Gussie peppers during practice.  Gussie plays on the right side, and hits the ball really well! On the 2nd day of Monument, we go upstairs to warm up and stretch.  Gussie!  I'm trying to a picture of Madison and Allison!  Stop! Thanks Lynsey for the cookie dough
on Blizzard Night!
How cool is this?  Secret Santas on the team on Dec 23.  This is awesome! Before our first match at Capitol Hill, the team went shopping!  Here is Gussie & Ava. After the Auburn scrimmage,
the girls act goofy for the camera.
Coach was worried about the team in DC after the first loss on Sunday.  But later, everyone told him, he understood, and the team soared from there on! Whoa!  This Marriott in DC is cool!  But the piles and piles snow outside are brutal! Can't even walk to the mall the snow is so high Here's Gussie hitting the outside set Sunday  in DC vs. Liberty Belles 15 Blue.
At JMU, we played Whose Line Is It Anyway.  In this skit, the girls are acting out, "How Boys Act In The Weight Room".   We're ready to leave JMU.  9-0 and hopefully, the #1 ranking in the Old Dominion Region.   And we DID!!! Later in the same match, Gussie tips over the blockers!

In another skit, Gussie is giving Morgan "Baby's First Haircut".

Gussie was the ultimate Ninja Volleyball Girl!  The gloves and the eye-black was pretty scary!

At RVC North in March, the parents set up a huge spread of food!  Then we went 9-0 and acted silly!
At JMU, we went on a long field trip!  We saw the statue of Madison, a car of boys, a woman on a bicycle, then took a pic beside a big pile of snow.
Gussie & Ava listen to what will get the team into the gold medal playoffs at Shamrock.  
  "OK, guys, you can eat your treats as long as you listen!  We have a Challenge Match coming up!"  

• Allison • Ava • Caroline • Gussie • Hanna • Jenny • Lauren • Lynsey • Madison • Morgan • Sarah • Caroline 2008 • Sam 2009 • CoachHouser •
• Monument • RVCNorthJan30 • CapitolHill • JMU • Shamrock • RVCNorthMarch27 • BigSouth • The Bid •


School: North Cross
Birthday: 11/27/94
Class: 9th
Position: right side
Years playing Juniors: 3 years
Years playing school ball: 4 years

Food: Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets
Favorite Candy: peppermint patties
Color: changes daily
What I Want To Be: English as a second language teacher
Things I Like To Do: volleyball, draw, travel, watch Castle, and read
Animal: seagull
My Hero: my mom
Song: Fly Away- Lenny Kravitz
Actor/Actress: Keira Knightly
Movie: Transformers 1&2 and Pride & Prejudice
Class at School: art
Store: Platoís Closet
Restaurant: Rancho Viejo
Vacation Spot: Washington DC
College Team: donít have one
Number: -8