Hanna Podeschi
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peppers with Madison during our warmups.  Peppering is fun!

Everyone listens to Lauren's COD speech....well almost everyone!


"Coach Houser, let's get started!  It's FREEZING in here!!!"

In another skit at JMU, Hannah was a child in the back seat of the car, driving her parents crazy!  How appropriate!  :)

At our first trip to RVC North, some of the girls got custom made T's.  Hanna discovered that she was allergic to them.

Hanna peppers with Lynsey on Blizzard Night! 
Hanna really likes that blue tie-dye shirt!
Before our 2nd day at Monument, Gussie's mom brought hair ribbons for the girls to work on! Later we went upstairs and had the most fun game of elbow tag ever!  
At JMU, we played Whose Line Is It Anyway.  Here Hannah must tryout for the cheer squad! This is one serious referee!  But it's OK.  Coach Sam is there!

At JMU, we took a long field trip all around the JMU campus.  When we weren't waiting for the sign to tell us when to cross the street, we took some team pics!

We lost 2nd round of gold at Shamrock, and we let it all hang out!

 After the first day of Shamrock, we met behind the Roanoke Civic Center & Coach Caroline took a lot of pics of Hanna!  :)   
At RVC North in March, scorekeeping wasn't the most exciting activity of the day..... ......eating was more exciting, but opening the jar proved to be a challenge! At Capitol Hill, we played a small team in our Challenge Match that dug and dumped and tipped....but our physical prevailed!  

• Allison • Ava • Caroline • Gussie • Hanna • Jenny • Lauren • Lynsey • Madison • Morgan • Sarah • Caroline 2008 • Sam 2009 • CoachHouser •
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School:  Hidden Valley High
Birthday:  July 23 1996
Grade:  8th
Position:  Right Side
Years Playing Juniors:  1
Years Playing School:  2

Food:  Chocolate
Candy:  Sour Patch Kids
Color:  Blue
What i want to be:  Dermotoligist
What i Like To Do:  Hang out with my friends
Animals:  Cats
My hero:  My sister
Song:  Too many
Actor:  Tayler Lautner
Movie:  Twilight
Class:  Science
Store:  Buckle
Restaraunt:  Olive Garden
Vacation spot:  Beach
College Team:  Tar Heels
Number: 7