Morgan Robison
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When the mom is busy helping the team make ribbons, the girls have to find an alternate hair dresser!
Morgan digs.  Awesome early and still platform!  Morgan is a great hustler at practice! No one outworks Morgan in a peppering drill!
On Dec 30th, the team got together and made Tshirts!  Thanks Mrs. Perez for all your help! "Coach Houser, don't worry about us!  We're fine!  But, we don't understand that Star Wars thing.  What was that?" Madison must have told Morgan something.....I didn't know that Madison was so scary!
OK, setting up the net at the freezing cold gym at Auburn High is not supposed to be this much fun.  We'll let Morgan do it every time! OK, it's time to warm up.  Come on!  Get up!   Gussie, Sarah and Morgan like their teammates doing Whose Line Is It......but.....
After meeting Mr. Madison at JMU, the hop-scotch, and the boys, we take a team picture! Bellacino's is awesome!  We had two team meals there! it's their turn!  Here Morgan (the cop) is listening to the teenagers try to explain their way out of a ticket!

Serving is much more challenging when you're a Ninja Warrior!

 Thank you Morgan for organizing Ninja practice!  It was one of our best memories!

This Ninja means business!  The one behind her is pretty scary as well! It's crazy picture time.  And the girls never disappoint!    
"Jenny, you think it's horrifying when they can't make you the Tshirt you want?  Let me take to what Ava found!"  Look below, if you dare! Morgan and Madison talk during our awesome meal at RVC North in March.  
"IT'S THE SKIN-ALTERING HAND DRYER!!" We're in Atlanta on Friday....everyone's excited!  Yep, Morgan, you're excited too!!  

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Birthday: Janurary 17, 1995
Class: 2013
Height: 5'7
Position: OH/L
Years playing Jrs: 3
Years playing school ball: 4

Food: Ice Cream
Color: The Rainbow
Movie: A Walk to Remember
Animal: Monkey
Song: Too many to list
Thing I Like To Do: Play volleyball hang out with friends
Fruit: Strawberries
Store: J Crew
Restaurant: Cheeburger Cheeburger
College Team: UVA
Number: 6
Season: Fall