Caroline Boone
Last updated:  12/19/2012 10:40 AM

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"I can't wait!  My Christmas present looks so good!  I'm going to start on it right now!"

On Tshirt making night, Caroline works hard on hers! Ava doesn't mind that Caroline has started eating her gift!  Ava's a great Secret Santa!

At practice on Dec 12, the team works on their ball control.
There's not much to do during a parents' meeting!  So Caroline stays in touch with friends.

On the first day of Capitol Hill,
Lauren had goodie bags for everyone!

It's fun to set the timer and then jump into a pic with your friends!

We stopped in a gift shop in Chinatown!  It was colder in there than outside!

Jenny's dad got us a free ride on the Metro!  Then we took a picture with the Red Line in the back- ground.  Wow.  How cool!

We lost 2nd round of gold at Shamrock!  But we let it all hang out!

At JMU, "Whose Line Is It Anyway" was incredible!  Here Caroline and Jenny are at cheer tryouts!

We ate at Bellacinos twice this season!  Their subs and pizzas are GREAT!

 Before we played Whose Line, we went on a field trip.  We found hop-scotch drawn on a side walk, so we played, then took a team pic!

Going 9-0 at RVC North in March was fun!  And we'll be back next month!

Caroline and Jenny do the skit, "What Lines Boys Use On Girls"

Playing p.m. on day 1 of Big South, a.m. 2nd day ..... we're tired and starving!
Caroline's a pretty scary Ninja! Thanks parents for the RVC North food!  

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School: Hidden Valley High
Birthday: October 28
Class: 2013
Position: Middle
Years playing Juniors: 3 years
Years playing school ball: 3 years

Food: Italian
Favorite Candy: Sour Patch Kids
Color: Blue
What I Want To Be: Doctor
Things I Like To Do: Hang out with my friends
Animal: cats and dogs!
My Hero: my mom
Song: Tik Tok
Actor/Actress: Ryan Reynolds
Movie: The Proposal
Class at School: Science
Store: Wet Seal
Restaurant: Cheeburger Cheeburger
Vacation Spot: beach
College Team: UVa
Number: 4 or 23