Madison Morris
Last updated:  12/19/2012 10:40 AM

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Hmmmm, is this the way I want it to look?

Madison did GREAT on the right side at Capitol Hill!

Now this is really cool!  How did anyone know exactly the type of candy I wanted!?!?!? At practice on Sunday Dec 6th, we did the "Off-hand tip, hand dig" drill.  Or is she talking to Hanna about what that happened at school today?
On Dec 30th, the girls got together and made Tshirts.  Thank you Mrs. Barker for having us!   After being good throughout the entire Auburn scrimmage, Madison goes back to normal.  Look out Caroline!

 OK, now how cool is this!  While on our field trip at JMU, we played some hop-scotch!!  A few minutes before that, we all took a picture with Mr. Madison!
The parents were brave enough on Saturday at Monument, to take the girls out.  I wasn't so brave! Allison, Ava and Madison study the team's serve reception before the scrimmage at Auburn.
Does it bother your parents that you look like this so much?  Especially when you're the scorekeeper? Court 34 on the first day of Capitol Hill.  It
er....and that was fine with us!
Nearing the end of our JMU field trip.... we find a big bank of snow, and play around in that! We go 9-0 at JMU, played Whose Line, and had a great time! After Shamrock, we had to work.  Little do the girls know that we're about to meet "Lizard Man"!

Madison and Caroline make 2 pretty scary Ninjas!    
Allison's sophomore questions make the 8th graders pretty nervous!    
"You want to see her tongue?  She said no.  Not today." OK, she had to wait until Coach Houser left.



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School:  William Byrd High
Birthday: April 5th
Class:  2014
Height: 6'0"
Position:  Middle Blocker
Years playing Jrs: 2
Years playing school ball: 3

Color: Purple
Number: 4 or 32
Class: History/Civics
Food: Macaroni and Cheese
TV Show: Secret Life of an American Teenager
Store: Wet Seal
Vacation Spot: Hawaii
Season: Buffalo Wild Wings
College Team: Duke
Holiday: Christmas
Singer: Kelly Clarkson
Animal: Elephant
Hobbie: Sports (Volleyball, Basketball & Swimming)