Richlands Middle School Volleyball Clinic
March 5, 2005

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CONGRATS to Coach Ray!!   He's now head coach at Bluefield College!

The Richland Rookie Skills Camp Picture!!

This was an fantastic camp!

Thank you Coach Ray for having us!

Thank you to all the Richlands High players who helped with the camp!

Here's a note to the Campers: 
Don't forget the other things you learned.  You NEVER quit on your team.  You will NEVER let your team down.  You will give your best effort at all times!
After the campers learned their 3-step approach, Coach Houser gave them some short tosses. The Format:
4pm to 7pm
Cost: $12 per camper
Assistant coach Meghan Allison shows the campers how to overhand serve.

With about 15 minutes left in camp, Coach Ray wanted the assistant coaches to show off their volleyball skills!  GREAT JOB COACHES!!  Here's Kendall hitting a ball. Whoa, you're a beast!!  Touch her name to see more pictures of Kendall
All Rookies at STAR camps are given time to write what they've learned.   In this way, they'll remember it long after the coaches have left!
Campers learn their spike approach!! Sam short tosses to a line of campers who have learned their spike approach "Write down all you remember about arm passing!" 
Here's another group writing what they remember.   Stephanie was helping this group, and you can see her webpage here! These campers are learning how to hand set.  Each group of 8 kids had 2 coaches working with them!!! Here's a Richland High School volleyball player reminding the campers about overhand serving.
Here's a group of campers reviewing what they've learned with the coaches. A correct spike approach is essential to being a great volleyball player.
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