Jefferson Forest High School
Monday June 20 - Thursday June 23, 2005
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Veteran Awards           Rookie Awards 

The Veteran Camp!!

Behak finishes her speech on Attitude and the campers clap. 

"I'm a Star!!"

Elbow Tag is FUN!!!

The Rookie Camp!!


If you want to contact the assistant coaches,
their email addresses are below!!
Shannon Craighead
Shannon Murphy
Kelsey Fowler
MOST LIKE COACH ZARGER (pretty scary!!!!)
Kelsey Fowler & Kathryn Benedict
Whoever brought the pizza on Thursday........

Cavalier Faces!!

Want to see MORE pictures!?
Veteran Awards           Rookie Awards 



Camp Information:

June 20-23, 2005
This was an All-Skills Camp, with an emphasis on:
a)  position training;
b) learning what it's like to be the perfect team member and teammate. 

M-W: 9am to 4, with an hour for lunch.
Thursday 9am to 12:30pm

$155.00 per player.

If you have any questions about the camp,
you may email JFHS Head Coach Rusty Zarger


Rookie Camp Director:
Cassie Pochyla
This fall Coach Pochyla will be in her 3rd year as the head volleyball coach at Emory & Henry College.  She started her career on scholarship at UVa-Wise, then transferred to E&H where she graduated in 2001.   She was the head JV coach at Abingdon H.S. before taking the job at E&H. 

Camp Assistant Coaches Were:
Tresia Zarger
Mrs. Zarger played volleyball at Altavista High and Heart of Virginia Juniors.  Then she went on to play at Bluefield College for 4 years! 
Bekah Walker
Bekah is a rising senior at Bassett High School.
She has played 4 years of school ball and 2 years of juniors.  Bekah also has played 3 years of soccer.  You can email Bekah at:

Kendall Patterson
Kendall is a three year volleyball player in the Cave Spring program in Roanoke County.  She was a star member of Coach Houser 15's Spiked Punch Junior team that finished 3rd in the state championships on May 1st.  Touch Kendall's name to see her Junior Volleyball website.  You can email Kendall at:
Millie Leach
Millie is a three year volleyball player in the Salem High program in Roanoke County.  She was a star member of Coach Houser's  Spiked Punch Junior team that finished 3rd in the state championships on May 1st.  Touch Millie's name to see her Junior Volleyball website.  You can email Millie at:
MacKenzie Tyree
Kendall is a two year volleyball player in the Northside program in Roanoke County.  She was a member of Keesha Meek's u14 Roanoke Juniors team last spring, but also played some on my Spiked Punch team.  Touch her name to see some pictures!  You can email MacKenzie at:

Jefferson Forest High School info:
Touch here to see the school website.
Touch here to see a map to the school.

If anyone is interested in some one-on-one training. Coach Houser offers player training in Roanoke. There are athletes who come from Pulaski, Martinsville, Hillsville, Lynchburg, etc. The website is here. It's a TON of fun!!  Please pass the word!!  If you or your teammates have any questions, you can email him anytime at

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The JFHS camp ended on Thursday June 23. 
I received this email before I went to bed that night.
I wanted to share it with you!

hello coach houser,

i was just writing to you to thank you for coming to my school, Jefferson Forest High School, this week. I had a blast and learned alot.    You taught me a lot about being part of a team. Last year, i will have to admit, i had a terrible attitude because i was a bench warmer.  Even though i played a lot, that wasnt enough for me.  But when I met you, I learned that its not the playing time that matters. Next year if I still dont play as much , then i will remember the words of wisdom you gave me. You really have changed my attitude towards volleyball.

I also learned at tryouts last year that i need to be in a little bit more shape.  It was a lot of running, and i wanted to stop.  This year I will have the perserverence and endurance in my head to keep going because I really want to be on this team. You taught me that Coach Zarger doesnt need to make me come into shape, that I need to get myself into shape.

Again , thanks for all your help this week, you really taught me alot , and your camp has helped me to become a stronger player. I learned a lot more about my skills, and also about teamwork.

Tell Millie ,MacKenzie, Kendall and everyone that I say hello whenever you see them again!

  Thank you again,