Ten Reasons
To Have a STAR Camp
At Your School

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Reason #1:
Your Team Will Get Just What It Needs!

There's no pre-set camp format or agenda.
At a STAR camp, each host coach tells me what his/her players need: 
Offense?  defense?  hitting?  digging?  serve receive?
Did you win the state championship last year? or not win a match?
We will create the camp that fits the needs of the players/program.
Even though we direct a camp every week,
each camp is uniquely designed for the team we're working with!

Reason #2: Price
You can hire another camp director at $195 for 20 hours. 

But we'll give your athletes 24 hours for ~$195,
or your players will receive that 20 hours for $160.

Reason #3: Location

STAR camps come right to your school! 
Players will be comfortable, safe, and ready to learn!!

Reason #4: Personal Involvement 
I direct nearly all my camps in person. 
Unless you are told or request otherwise, you will not be surprised by being 
told that "staff" is directing your camp.

Reason #5: Your Camp Will Have Its Own Webpage!
  Here's an example!
The camp website will display whatever the host needs me to post: registration form, goals, prices, etc.
The site will list the camp's coaching staff, and some pictures of last year's team.
The players and parents can get all the info they need from the site.......
and they won't have to text/email/call the host every day! 

And then, after the camp is over, players and parents will be able to view
 and download dozens of camp pictures!!

Reason #6:  Athletes Will Learn To Be Better People!
 We offer seminars after the lunch break each day. The typical topics are smart, team and attitude. We feel that these are the 3 things that, if left unaddressed, are most likely to adversely affect your team. The host may also choose for us to speak on mental toughness, leadership, motivation, what's it like to play a sport in college what an athlete should be doing in high school to prepare to play a college sport, advantages & disadvantages of D1/D2/D3, etc.

Our planning together will ensure that your team is getting exactly what it needs to maximize its season.

Reason #7:  Support After We Leave!
 The host coach and campers can email/call/text/Facebook the staff after the camp is over as often as necessary!
About a week after we left a site camp 2012, this is what I sent to the coach.
We will support the coach and campers after the camp ends to answer any questions,
to share drills, to give advice!  Hey, we're now a part of your team!!

Reason #8: Does The Coach Need More Help?
  If the coach needs even more from us during their fall season, we'll be there to help!!
One of the 2018 host coaches had lost an important match against her biggest rival.
So I scouted the opponent from the coach's video and a few days later we directed a practice together.
Then our team won the next two meetings against the rival.
Our team then advanced to regionals.  The other team didn't. 

Reason #9:  The Special Relationship
That'll Form Between Your Players and My Staff
This relationship will start with my staff giving your players "Good Kid" speeches each day on smart, team and attitude.
When the camp is over, your players may choose to email, text and call my staff! 
My staff and your athletes may bond on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
We're ready to be a source of support and encouragement for the players for years after the camp is over.

We received this from a camper October 1, 2017
"Thank you for all your help and advice, it was much needed, and greatly appreciated. I will keep you all updated with the remainder of our season. once again, Thanks :)"

Reason #10:  You're Hiring Winners!
I have very high expectations, a winning attitude and a long history of success. 
I know what it takes for your team to reach its goals, and I will share that with your players. 

My 2006 Junior Team won the Old Dominion Region Bid, and advanced to the Jr Nationals.
My 2009 Junior Team also won the Old Dominion Region Bid and advanced to Jr Nationals
My 2012 Junior Team finished 2nd in the Old Dominion Region Bid and advanced to Jr Nationals
My 2016 Junior team finished 2nd in the Old Dominion Region Bid and qualified for Jr Nationals

My Junior teams were ranked #1 in the Old Dominion Region 2006 - 2010, then 2013-2016.
Both my 2015 and 2016 15's teams were ranked #1........in the sixteens division! . 

I've coached 18 varsity teams. I have coached 16 club teams in Roanoke.......and have had 1 losing season!
My staff and I will bring that experience and winning attitude into your gym and share it with your players.

What a STAR or Expectations Camp is not:

No, we aren't a "volleyball field trip" to a huge university where the best memory your athletes may have for their $600 is the awesome cafeteria food and the hunky men. Other memories of that university trip usually include:
* how many kids were stuffed onto each court;
* how few coaches there were, and;
* how much down time they had in a dorm room with people they may not have known.
(If that's the list of what your athletes prefer, then, my staff and I aren't what your athletes need.)

November 15, 2023

"Coach Houser, thanks for all you have taught me about volleyball, leadership, and just being a decent human being. I, and this program, appreciate you more than you will ever know. "

Megan Darby, former head coach, William Monroe High, and host of STAR camps in 2022 and 2023

March 24, 2023

"My daughter listens to everything you tell her. She has been working on her serves and hitting. I can tell difference. One of her teammates asked yesterday, 'Where did you learn to hit that way?' (she noticed the change). If you have openings please send me a text. I will try to get her up there to practice and help out."

Alisha Helms Scarce, mother of Madison, Davidson NC, c/o '27

January 24, 2022

"Speaking from experience- these camps are the best decision you can make as a player. I highly recommend signing your volleyball players up asap- they fill up quickly!! ������️"

Autumn Vaught, Fort Chiswell, c/o '20

April 16, 2020

"Aislinn and I were talking about you the other day! She was talking about reaching out to be a helper when you are in the gym again. She wants to try to play club ball in college next year. She always says if more coaches could be like you, the world would be better for kids ❤Speaking from experience- these camps are the best decision you can make as a player. I highly recommend signing your volleyball players up asap- they fill up quickly!! ������️"

Mary Kerr, mother of Aislinn
Glenvar High, c/o '18

July 18, 2019
“Something I think is really unique about this camp is for the past four days they’ve taken us into the auditorium for an hour and they’ve just talked to us. There are no volleyballs, we’re not passing or anything, they just talk to us about how to be a better teammate and how to pick up your team. It’s how to be a better person. I’ve never had that in any other camp."

Kylie Heapes, c/o '20, Albemarles High School, Charlottesville, Va

June 20, 2018

"Thank you for an amazing week of camp. The things our girls gained this week are invaluable! We can't wait to see what our upcoming season holds and we look forwards to next year's camp!"

Gwyn Stone, head coach,
George Washington High School, Danville, Va

July 19, 2018

“I think it’s really cool we get to learn from women who are just a little older than us. It’s nice to be able to stay at home and other girls can come and join us. The camp is based on our team’s needs. We get to do things we need to work on for our season.”"

Ainslee Whitmarsh, c/o '19, William Monroe High

August 11, 2017
"There are very many young ladies who came back to the sport better players due to you and your team."

Harris Silverman, father of Krissy, Dan River c/o '18

July 20, 2016
"Thanks so much for your help and guidance. It is very refreshing to see someone who puts the kids and the game ahead of their own personal agenda. Can't wait to get back in the gym with you."

Michael Estes, father of Camryn, Tunstall High c/o '20

October 16, 2015
"On MaxPreps you can set the filter to show all schools in Virginia. My daughter is #5 in aces in ALL divisions and #1 with 1.34 aces per set in the entire state! Your serves work!!!"

January 31, 2015
"But, let me say: after this great win Katherine and Elizabeth came running up saying "all those lessons with Tom Houser paid off!"

Malissa Giles, mother of Elizabeth, Patrick Henry c/o '17

December 15, 2012
Wow-- I asked a big question and got a quick, comprehensible answer within a few hours. It was also a rather elementary question, and I wasn't made to feel silly for asking it-- on the other hand, I was actually encouraged. Thanks for getting me exactly what I needed so quickly. I will check out your materials and your website. Your players are very lucky to have a coach like you!

July 12, 2010
I wanted to thank you for being so kind to my daughter when she was injured at the camp in Lynchburg. I was touched by the compassion of the entire camp staff and players. Devyn was wonderful with her and is a great role model for the girls (as are all of your coaches). You took the time to recognize her individual struggle as she watched the competition - which we all know is what they live for at this age. I just wanted to thank you and let your know your kindness and thoughtfulness are greatly appreciated. You are truly an extraordinary coach. We'll see you soon.

January 8, 2008
Woohoo! The website you made for our camp is awesome coach!  I've been dreaming about bringing this kind of camp to my players for years   :)   Thanks for helping make it possible.

Kelly Kavanaugh, head coach, Chugiak High, Anchorage, Alaska
More pictures from our camp can be seen here

August 2, 2007

"I would rate [the college site camp] equal to the instruction from you, but not better.   What I disliked about their camp was that the cost eliminated many of the girls from attending."

Several years before, we directed a camp at that high school.  Since then, the host coach decided to try a camp directed by "staff". 





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