Jefferson Forest High School
Monday June 18 - Thursday June 21, 2007
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2007 Black Court Awards2007 Red Court Awards

The camp team picture!

Here is Kate Friar, the COD for Tuesday June 19, talking to the entire camp. 


Congratulations To Black Camp
"Hit-Dig-Set-Hit-Dig-Catch" Winners!
1st Place:  Megan & Kelsey
2nd Place:  Cassie & Brookie     3rd place:  Shelly & Heather
Congratulations To Black Camp
"Continual Hit-Dig" Winners!
1st Place:  Brooke & Cassie 28!!!!
2nd Place:  Megan & Kelsey  14!!!!


Here are the JF Black Court Teams!

Maggie's Team!

Cassie, Kate, Brooke, Jordan, Tori, Heather and Coach Maggie.
Nina's Team!

Katie, Emily, Catherine, Shelley, Coach Nina, Kelsey, Ashleigh.
Taylor's Team!

Megan, Allison, Lindsey, Kaitlin, Sarah R, Lauren and Coach Taylor


There were 10 "Steal The Bacon" teams.  
And after a long, hard battle........
.....there were only 2 teams left undefeated !!  So they went at it.........

 "Steal The Bacon" First Place!

From the Red Court:
Jessica Hilbish
Ciara Hudson
From the Black Court:
Emily Broman
Sarah Ronowsky

 "Steal The Bacon" Second Place!

From the Red Court:
Kara Mills
Daphne Allen
From the Black Court:
Megan Prothero
Kate Friar

If you wanted to attend this STAR, did you miss out!!
Hopefully, you attended the other camp in Lynchburg that started on Monday June 25!!
For more info, touch here!

2007 Camp Format:

Mon - Wed : 9 am to 4pm, with 60 minutes for lunch.
Thursday:   9 am to 12:30pm.
The camp was split by Coach Mills into a Black Division and a Red Division. 

Thursday was tournament day for the Black Division campers!!  Red campers will still have their portion, but we asked them to come over and watch the Black tournament!!

Cost:  $150

If you have any questions about the camp, you may email the camp director, Coach Houser,
at or the camp host,
JF Head Coach Steve Mills, at

The "Black" division had an 18 camper limit.  The "Red" division had a 24 camper limit. 

In Order To Register : 

Campers were asked to email Coach Mills and he sent them the registration form.  They were then asked to fax it to him (ask him for the fax #) or mail it to him at 1032 Middle View Drive, Forest Va, 24551. 


JV-B Camp Director:
Nikki Johnson
Coach Johnson was a star setter at William Byrd High (played against my Bassett teams!) and continued her playing career as a setter at Hollins University.  Now she
is the head coach at Lord Botetourt High.   Coach Johnson is a smiling, encouraging person who impresses people each time her teams play!  I've hoped that she & I could coach a travel volleyball team together, but she's too valuable to Roanoke Juniors as a head coach.

List Of Camp Assistants: 

Maggie Allison
Maggie is a senior at James River High in Botetourt County. She has played 1 year of J.O. vball on my 16's Red team, has played 4 years of varsity ball at Roanoke Catholic and JRHS, and 3 years of middle school ball. will be rooming with Devyn (below) at Ferrum next year......tryouts for the vball team are Aug 18th!!! GOOD LUCK!!!  She also played high school varsity softball and basketball. Maggie helped with 6 STAR camps last summer.  Her screen name is JrHsBaMbInA her email is  and her myspace is maggie_may07.

Devyn Bayes
Devyn is a senior at George Washington High School in Danville, VA.  She has been playing volleyball for six years.   She started out as a setter, but in her junior year, she became a starting OH.  That year she was named the team's Outstanding Server!   She was named setter of the week at the 2005 Westover Christian Academy STAR Camp.  Devyn was an assistant camp director at the Red Lion Camp last summer.  She will be rooming with Maggie (above) at Ferrum next year......tryouts for the vball team are Aug 18th!!! GOOD LUCK!!!   Email:   Screen Name:  bowlingdevil9007 MySpace Page: 

Nina Lekwuwa
Nina is a member of the c/o 2006 at Westover Christian Academy in Danville.  She has played school volleyball for the past 5 years, she attended two STAR camps while at WCA.  She has also played 5 years of school basketball and 2 years of school softball.  Nina assisted with two STAR camps last summer!!  She just completed her first year at VCU!!!   Her email address is

Taylor Yarber
Taylor has 2 state championship rings from her years on the Cave Spring High varsity volleyball team.  She has played vball since the 7th grade and has completed 4 years of club ball with Roanoke Juniors.    She has assisted with 4 Lil Knights Camps and has participated in seven UNC camps!  If you want to email Taylor, you will find her at

Lisa Paxton
Lisa is a Jefferson Forest graduate of 2007 and attended the JF STAR Camp in both 2005 and 2006 !  She played vball at JFHS for three years.  She was captain as a soph on the JF JV team, then was a captain of the varsity team last fall.    You can reach her at

Meghan Bolton
Meghan is a rising junior at Salem High, that's just outside of Roanoke.  She's played school ball for 3 years and J.O.'s for the past 3 years.   Meghan has been invited to a USAV Youth Nationals
Camp in Davidson NC for a week this summer!!!  That's incredible!!
 Meghan was a member of the 19-1 district champ JV team at Salem two years ago.    You can email Meghan at

From the if you're coming from Roanoke:
Take 460 East Take the 460 Business exit ( also Timberlake Road). Go to the 2nd stoplight and take a left onto Waterlick Road. Go about 1 mile and take a right onto Locksley Place. Go about mile and the road will T. Take a right and the school is about 200 yards on the right. To get to Timberlake Christian School coming from Danville:
From the if you're coming from Rustburg, Altavista, etc.:
Come into Lynchburg on 29 North. As you approach Lynchburg take 460 West toward Roanoke. In about 1 mile exit right onto Greenview Drive. Go right at the end of the exit and go to the second stoplight. Take a left. Go to the 6th stoplight and take a right onto Waterlick Road. Go about 1 mile and take a right onto Locksley Place. Go mile and the road will T. Take a right and the school is about 200 yards on the right.
If anyone is interested in some one-on-one training. Coach Houser offers player training every Sat & Sun nights at North Cross School in Roanoke.  Most of the girls are Roanoke girls, but there are also kids coming from Pulaski, Martinsville, Hillsville, Lynchburg, etc. The website is here. It's a TON of fun!!  Please pass the word!!  If you or your teammates have any questions, you can email him anytime at the address above!!!

CONGRATS TO TORI BLANKS!!!!  First Team All-District in 2007!!!  You go!!!
CONGRATS TO KATE FRIOR!!!!  Second Team All-District in 2007!!!  All right!!!
Honorable Mention All-District in 2007!!!  You're beasts!!!
The team went from 3-18 in 2006, to 12-11 in 2007!!!  Fantastic!!!!  And it'll be better in 2008.  I  can't wait!

Jefferson Forest 2005 CampJefferson Forest 2006 Camp
2006 Varsity Awards2006 JV/B Awards


Jefferson Forest High School info:

Touch here to see the JFHS website.

1 Cavalier Circle
Forest, VA 24551
Phone:  (434)525-2674         Fax:  (434)525-0106
Touch here to see a map to the school.

The 2007 JF Vball camp will be held at Timberlake Christian School.

Touch here to see the TCS website. 

Timberlake Christian Schools
202 Horizon Drive
Forest, VA 24551
Phone: 434-237-5943      Fax: 434-239-3319

Touch here to see a map to the school.  
(For directions type in your address.)

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