Narrows High School
Monday July 18 - Thursday July 21, 2005

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It was a great camp!!
Rookies: You did awesome!  We were all so impressed!
Vets:  You're going to have a SUPER season!  You guys are GOOD!!

Katie Hambrick, assistant coach for the camp, talks to the campers about the importance teamwork and being a positive member of a team.


Putting Important Things In Order 1-10!

1st Place:  Lelia & Ashley 2nd Place:  Natasha and Cara


The Veterans Awards!!

Arlene was named Camp Digger  Kayla won the Leadership Award.  Katlin was named Passer of the Week
Lee was named Best Spirit.
But she was too bashful to accept it.
Kellie was given the Hitter of the Week Award Lola/Lala/Lela (whatever) was named Camper Of The Week!!
Laura was given a "We're Proud of You" Award Here Meagan accepts the Camp Setter award. Laura was named Camp Server


The Rookie Certificates and Rookie Team Picture!

Alyssa Shines, rising 8th grader Cara Ganoe, Rising 6th grader Ashley Sadler, Rising 8th grader
Madison Bragg, Rising 4th grader Andy Johnston, rising 6th grader Katy Griffith, rising 8th grader


Camp Format:

Rookie Camp:  12 noon to 2:30.
Open to any girl of any grade who has limited playing experience. 
Cost: $50

Vet Camp: 12 noon to 3:30 pm.
Open to any girl of any grade who has had at least 1 season of competitive school ball or club ball.
   Cost: $60


Camp Assistant Coaches:

Karen Carrier
Karen is a 2000 graduate of Honaker High.  She was named 1st team All-District MB and 1st team All Region D MB.  She also led her team to the most wins in school history.  She graduated from Radford in 2003 and is now working on her masters degree at Va Tech.

Katie Hambrick
Katie is a team MVP, all-district & all-state performer at Patrick Henry High School.  She also played OH and MB for Roanoke Juniors for four years.  She is rising sophomore at UVa.

Blair Bullock
Blair is a rising senior at William Byrd Terriers, where she is a hard-hitting, All-District MB.   She has played 3 years of Roanoke Juniors and just completed a season with Mike Weigand's 17's Red team. 

Narrows High School info:
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