#11 Bekah Henderson
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Our practice at Booker T Washington was also Stuffed Animal practice!

After warmups, the team peppers with partners who aren't from their school. At UVa, we spent time
between matches in the lobby.
Morgan and Bekah are in serve receive at Monument!

Taylor, Bekah and Rachel Thomas are really interested in what Rachel Kennedy has to say!
Before every practice, our COD always has a few words for her teammates.  Most of the time, the girls let the COD talk (left pic); but sometimes, Bekah has to share her opinion!

Bekah.......are you enjoying Taylor's stretching? 
It doesn't look like it would feel good. 
Ahhhh, peace?  Ahhhhh, a new setter signal.  Ahhhh what DOES that mean? I guess since it's your birthday,
you don't have to eat it.
At the end of the Monument tournament, we were so tired, we'd sit during timouts.  Here Shannon gives Bekah some advice. Coach Houser talks to the right side players about free ball transition. While at U-turn, the girls drew for V-day presents!
Jeeeeze, Taylor, move the flag.  Come on.  Move the flag.  When our practice was cancelled on Feb 6, we ate out at Ruby Tuesday's.  But Bekah had already had supper, so she played with The Hulk and sent texts!
At the end of Monument, each girl said something that she admired about the team or about each other.  It took a while! 
Sucking up to Shannon won't help.  She has no influence on Coach Houser. At UVa on March 12, we celebrated Rachel K's birthday!  YUMM!! You don't like this music?
Was there something wrong with your pizza? Bekah works hard on getting her back sets "High and off"! Sometimes the softball game at Mars Hill College was boring..........
  ..........then other times, it was pretty interesting.  Bekah serves at Monument!

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School: Cave Spring High
Birthday: March 24, 1993
Class: 9
Height: 5'5"
Position: S
Years playing Jrs:
Years playing school ball:
Food:  Italian
Color:  Pink
Song:  Here In Your Arms by Hello Goodbye
Movie:  No Reservations
Singer:  Matt Kearney
Subject In School:  Study Hall with Tay 
College Team:  James Madison University
Tournament:  BigSouth in Atlanta
Weekend Spot:  Our lake house
Hero:  Jesus
Number: 11
Shampoo:  Pantene
Store: American Eagle
Vacation Spot:  The beach
Actress:  Rachel McAdams