#2 Taylor Baumann
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On Dec 16, Taylor peppers with her partner Emily Gooding. On Friday night before HiNeighbor started, the parents and players got together to finish the goodie bags!  And, of course, Roanoke Jrs's were the best ones!!   (Love Macey's shorts!!) Jumping on boxes is brutal!  Especially the black one.
Bekah, Morgan and Aidan run the Washington DC steps with Taylor to warm up! While the OH's were behind us, the setters worked on
their flip-dumps.
Five minutes later, Taylor backsets dozens of balls!  Thanks Eva for helping! Come on, Taylor,
quizzes aren't that bad!.......
..........I told you that you'd do OK!
At first we couldn't get Taylor's attention......it was elsewhere. Then, when she saw Mrs. Brown's camera zoomed in on her, she gave us the Taylor smile! Some of us are just more athletic than others! Taylor, you're so special! When we can't practice, we go out to eat!  Ruby Tuesday's was awesome on Coach H's b'day!!
CAN'T WAIT!!  Bekah's birthday dinner is tonight!! Partner stretching isn't supposed to be fun!  I'll talk to Bekah about this. Ahhhh...........Morgan, are you sure that's right? Kimberly and Taylor talk during the baseball game at Mars Hill College.
Victory at Monument!! Taylor & Bekah play the same position, and they're best friends.  How awesome is that? Yes, we love birthday parties!
On April 5th, we had balls from everywhere......so we had to pump them all up.  Get busy, Tay! We had a long break at HiNeighbor.  So after we got tired of baseball, we walked over to the softball game.  As you can see, softball doesn't keep the girls' attention either. Stuffed Animal Practice was great!  Aidan brought her brother!

Everyone's smiling here but Taylor.  Maybe the she's the only one who knows that the scorebook is actually messed up................naaaaaaah. 

  Our opening meeting is the same day as Lauren's birthday..........so we take care of our business and then eat cake!  We're going to love being on this team!!  
  What the heck are you guys doing on the floor? 
In a restaurant?  Out of town?  On Bekah's birthday?
And who is that under Taylor? 

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School: Cave Spring High
Birthday: August 28, 1993
Class: 9
Height: 5'4"
Position: S
Years playing Jrs:
Years playing school ball:
Food: Steak & McDonalds Fries
Color: Turquoise
Movie: The Notebook
Actor: Rachel McAdams
Song: No One by Alicia Keys
Subject In School:  Study Hall w/Bekah 
Actor:  Adam Sandler
Store:  American Eagle & Target
Vacation Spot:  Kiawah Island
Number:  2
Season:  Summer