#1 Macey Tyree
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1st All Blue Ridge District Soccer, Spring 2008


When we can't get in the gym, we can always find something else to do!

OK, Macey, what did you just do?
What are you up to?
At practice on December 9th,
the OH's worked on passing the tip
Macey was our only jump-server at first!!  But then we had a "jump serve game" at HiNeighbor.  First time since 2003!! At UVa on March 2nd, the team was treated to cupcakes by Rachel K's mom b/c it was Rachel's 15th birthday! All right!!  Kim, what's wrong?  Did you not get one?
Macey's excited about the LOBSTER quiz.  But she's not quite so motivated about all of our writing endeavors! 
(You'll see what I'm talking about below! haha)
At our Dec 23 practice, we exchanged gifts.  What a super present!! "Kim I like you alot, but you're not getting my ham biscuit!"
Between pools at Shamrock, the girls got a card game going! On Feb 6, everyone else was finished, but Macey was still working on those ribs...... "Can't I be in this picture?  I have the signed ball.  Please!" Our first tournament was Monument......we entered the open division......finished 4th of 24 teams!!  Incredible!!
.............she also ate a lot of fries at Ruby Tuesday's.
Fries are more fun to each when you have a friend.  
Do your parents know about your disorder?  Well, they do now! Macey and Caroline get ready
for double the Metro Virginia hitter at Monument!
.............Kim then became Macey's french fry friend! This is pretty cool!  Medals on Stuffed Animal Day!!  
Macey hits vs. Tri-State FCA.  Lauren covers.  "I don't know why all these girls are passed out around my feet.  They just landed here." At Monument, the team finished!!  Here Macey makes the dig, while Caroline gets ready to hit.
Macey, just do it.  You like quizzes, you'll like this. 
Just keep writing. Come on, we're almost done.
On Saturday, April 5th, we couldn't use the gym we'd reserved.  No problem!! We ate at Bellacino's after our first pool at ShamrockCoach Houser's wife is in the background! 
On the Friday night before Asheville, Macey helped fill the goodie bags.......wearing her cool new shorts!! Yeah, Caroline, Macey is doing homework. I'm impressed also! Bonus Point!!

Macey      Taylor      Kimberly      Rachel K      Morgan       Lauren      Bekah       Rachel Th      Jessi     Aidan      Caroline      Coach Houser


School: Lord Botetourt High
Birthday: June 25, 1993
Class: 9
Height: 5'6"
Position: RS/DS
Years playing Jrs:
Years playing school ball:
Color:  Yellow
Food:  Banana Pudding
Movie:  Bring It On
Animal:  Pig
Song:  Every Mile A Memory, Garth Brooks
Singer:  Carrie Underwood
Subject In School:  Math 
College Team:  Va. Tech
Store:  Hollister
Restaurant:  Chick Filla
Season:  Fall
Number:  9