#4 Rachel Kennedy
Last updated:  12/19/2012 10:45 AM

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What a great way to start the season: cake, a b'day party for Lauren and new friends!  The Rachel's became great friends!  Another practice over......and Macey & Rachel get to eat brownies!  Thank you Rachel for bringing them!   (We eat a lot, don't we?) Here's the b'day girl with her mom!  We had a great tournament at UVa and a great time!  THANKS Mrs. Kennedy for the cupcakes!
We listed why we tried out. It was amazing what we didn't write! Ham biscuits .......
Unlike other people, Rachel listens as the COD talks.Rachel really likes this shirt.  It's in nearly every picture! Rachel lobster-izes another opponent!
OK, practice was supposed to have already started. 
 What are you guys up to?
When we can't get into the gym,
we still have fun!
Rachel always finds a way to get the ball
around the block...........over and over!
They were bigger than us at Monument...........
but that didn't matter!  We beat them anyway.
When Shannon got the hats, I didn't think the girls would like them too much......but that's why Shannon is with me!  "Only a few more points, and we finish 4th!!!!!'
  At U-turn on Feb 3,
we drew for V-day gifts
We finally got our DC medals......5 weeks late!  Having problems?   When we had to cancel practice, we just went out to Ruby Tuesday's.  The beads are great!  And the black icing was a real surprise! 
A prematch rub by Sam will always
help the MB's hit better!!
Rachel poses.  But who's the prankster behind her?  To see who it is, touch here. Right after this pic was taken, Rachel came to me and said, "Look at Sam's arm.  You can see it through my face."  I was like,"What?  Whoa!"  :)
Rachel with Macey, Rachel & Bekah at Bellacino's on March 15th.  After Bellacino's, we went back to the Roanoke Civic Center and a card game broke out!  At DC, while some girls worked, Rachel, Lauren & Caroline waited for their turn. 
"I'm glad we came to the softball game!  I'm having a great time!  It's a lot of fun!" Some things are NOT meant to be done at the Salem Civic Center, OK? 

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School: Cave Spring High
Birthday: March 3, 1993
Class: 9
Height: 5'6"
Position: MB
Years playing Jrs:
Years playing school ball:
Food:  Fettachini Alfredo
Color:  Pink or Purple
Song:  Bubbly
Actress:  Julia Andrews
Singer:  Hannah Montana
Subject In School:  Latin
Sport:  Volleyball
Store:  TJ Maxx
Animal:  Lilly, my dog!
Season:  Fall
Restaurant:  Rancho Viejo
Movie:  Step Up
Vacation Spot:  The beach or the lake
Day Of The Week:  Saturday