Welcome!!  2008 Roanoke Juniors
15's Open Team Page

The more of ourselves that we sacrifice for our team, the more glory our team will give back to us.


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Tournament Websites:  Monument / CapitolHill / Shamrock / HiNeighbor / Rumble / EntireListOfTournaments
Team Tournament Info Monument / U-Turn / CapitolHill / UVa / Shamrock / HiNeighbor / AlbemarleHS / Rumble

"I knew that our team was something really special
when I saw that my teammates were something really special. "


Revolu-tionary Rumble 2nd Place!

April 26-27, 2008!!  GREAT JOB!!!!

How about that 100th win?   More Rumble pictures can be seen here!
End Of Season Recognitions
(voted by the team)

Most Committed & Dedicated:

Thank you for making up all your time and staying with us at DC when you had to skip bball practice!!

Most hustle:
How you pass & dig on your stomach was awesome!  We all want to be like you!  You're an incredible libero!

Most Enthusiastic:
 Caroline, Jessi, Aidan
You three made our season so much more special with your smiles, your little gifts, your cheering and support.  THANK YOU!!!

Most Improved:
Rachel Thomas
What you've been able to do this season is astounding.  Your hitting, serving, blocking and passing has improved so much!  CONGRATS!!
"This season has probably been the best I have ever had in any sport. We have a team that never spoke bad about our teammates or got bad attitudes. I think everyone of us girls can say we walked away from this season with something more than what we started off with. We have also had an amazing season with 103 wins!! But this season wasn't just about the score at the end of game!  I LOVE THIS TEAM!!!! I think it is pretty amazing how we all have our strengths and weaknesses, but on the court we all work together where only our strengths shine through. Now that is a team."
Roanoke Juniors 15's Open Team Roster
Num Name Ht Posit Gr School
1 Macey Tyree 5'6" OH 9 Lord Botetourt High
2 Taylor Baumann 5'4" S 9 Cave Spring High
3 Kimberly McDow 5'6" OH/DS/L 9 Hidden Valley High
4 Rachel Kennedy 5'6" MB/Right 9 Cave Spring High
6 Morgan Shannon 5'7" OH/Right 8 Cave Spring Middle
7 Lauren Sledd 5'6" OH 8 Cave Spring Middle
11 Rebekah Henderson 5'5" S 9 Cave Spring High
12 Rachel Thomas 5'7" MB/Right 9 Hidden Valley High
13 Jessi Fortner 5'6" Right 9 Cave Spring High
21 Aidan Guilfoyle 5'10" MB 9 Roanoke Catholic
45 Caroline Brown 5'9" MB 8 Read Mountain Middle
Touch a girl's name to see her own personal website!   You can also visit the player page here!!
Head Coach:  Tom Houser
Assistant Coaches:     Shannon Haynes & Samantha Thomas
Our Tournament Schedule
Monument City Classic Jan 19 - 21    Finished 4th of 21 teams in the upper "Open" division.
U-Turn Richmond Sun Feb 3     Finished 1st in the Open Division.
Capitol Hill Classic Sat Feb 16 - Mon Feb 18   First in the 52-team 15's division.
UVa Sun March 2  We finished 2nd overall, 9-3 for the day!!
Shamrock  March 15 - 16  Went in as the #2 15's seed & finished 25th of 90 teams!
   Hi Neighbor  March 29-30  Finished 1st in the 32-team tournament!
Albemarle High in Charlottesville, VA:  Sat April 19.  Finished 1st in this 8-team tournament with only 8 players!
 Revolutionary Rumble in Williamsburg, VA:   April 26-27
 Finished 2nd of 12 open teams!!   GREAT TOURNAMENT!!

Overall record for the season:  103-31
    And we won't forget #100........a thrilling 33-31 win over that beastly Coastal 14's team!



We're online!!!  To see the article, touch here.  We were also in the Feb 22nd issue of the Cave Spring Connection!! 

On the left, we just finished our scrimmage with the RVC 15N's on Jan 13th!


On the right, we're now fully loaded for Monument in Richmond -- water bottle & candy!

We can't wait!

We celebrate Lauren Sledd's birthday at our first meeting together! Signing Christmas cards

Feb 3, 2008

1st Place
at U-Turn in
Richmond, VA

TVA and Fredericksburg were very good teams!

But, on this day, we only had 1 loss and won the tournament!!

Great job in an entire team effort.

Thank you parents for all the support!  I can't wait for DC!!!

Results are here.  
Pics are upcoming!!

On Wednesday, Feb 13th, the team celebrated Valentine's Day! 

Thank you players and parents!  This was awesome!!!

Feb 6, 2008

Coach Houser's

50th Birthday

celebration at Ruby Tuesdays!

Thank you
all for coming!

The black cake icing
looks pretty nasty! 



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"Hard work always pays off.  It may not always result in academic perfection or athletic championships, but hard work will always get you closer to your goals that you would have gotten with it."

"A champion is someone who is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion...... when no one else is watching."

Anson Dorrance, Head Soccer Coach-University of North Carolina

"Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.

* Talent will not; there are every where unsuccessful people with talent.

* Genius will not; unrewarded genius is around every corner.

* Education will not; the world is full of educated failures.

Persistence and determination are alone the most important elements
of human success.

 Calvin Coolidge

What can you do today to move toward your dream? What can you read? Who can you talk to? What skill could you practice? What actions can you take to prepare for the day when you stand tall, at the top of your particular mountain and proudly proclaim, "Step by step, I made it to the top!"? Before you go to bed tonight, take some positive action in the direction of your dreams.

From "The Six Keys to Success", By Philip E. Humbert, PhD




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