#7 Lauren Sledd
Last updated:  12/19/2012 10:45 AM

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Wait, I thought you guys were saying it was cold and the ground was wet?  Which is it?  Great dig at Monument!
You go Lauren!!
The stuffed animals loved joining their best friends at practice!
"What?  Me?  You want me to do what?  Without any help?  Really?"  Lauren's thinking about volleyball. 
I'm sure of it! 
"I can't see!  Jumping boxes has made me go blind!  Oh, it's just  my hair.  Sorry."
The OH's had to pick up the tip, then get outside.  Here's a great platform!! When we can't get into the gym,
we get together and find other things to do!
Lauren and Rachel Thomas put up a big block!
Now this discussion must have been more interesting than the one above. During Lauren's 30 seconds, the team started signing cards. Is Lauren now dancing?! Lauren serves vs. Piedmont Triad at Monument! Someof the players take normal pictures.  Some people are more comfortable this way. 
Another great dig at Monument!  We played well for our first tournament of the year!  GREAT JOB!! Sometimes when cooperation is lacking with a photographer....the subject must be harassed until a smile appears! On March 2nd, we rested 3 separate times.  Here's Lauren passing the time!
At our team's opening meeting back in November, Aidan made Lauren an awesome b'day card! While some of the team works, Rachel, Lauren & Caroline wait for their turn.  We peppered for a long time at our December voluntaries......20 minutes!!
Between pools at Shamrock, we ate at Bellacino's.  It appears that something Lauren ate is coming back up! That black icing really surprised the players!  BONUS POINT, Sara Houser!!  
After playing at UVa, Mrs. Kennedy has birthday cupcakes for everyone!  Sweeeeet!  The nets weren't the best on April 5th, but we finally got our DC medals, got to see the Gold Trophy Ball and we had Stuffed Animal Day!  
  Good abs!  Good reach!!  You go Lauren!  

Macey      Taylor      Kimberly      Rachel K      Morgan       Lauren      Bekah       Rachel Th      Jessi     Aidan      Caroline      Coach Houser


School: Cave Spring Middle
Birthday: November 4, 1993
Class: 9
Height: 5'6"
Position: OH/DS
Years playing Jrs:
Years playing school ball:
Food:  Mashed Potatoes
Color:  Blue
Movie:  Ferris Buelor's Day Off
Subject:  English
Store:  American Eagle
Actor:  Will Ferrell
Type Of Music:  Pop, Rap, Oldies
Other Sports Played:  Basketball, Tennis
Animal:  Elephant & Ostrich
Restaurant:  Bellacinos
Hobbie:  Reading
Band:  Jonas Brothers
Made Up Word:  Splendific
Month:  November
Season:  Fall & Spring