#3 Kimberly McDow
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We played at UVa on March 2!  During our down time, we all camped out in the lobby. When we watch video, the OH's sit together.  Sorry Kim, but that's the way it is.  Kimberly gets one through the big
Piedmont Triad blockers!!!
Jeeeeze, we can't take you
anywhere, can we?
"Oh, my gosh, Coach warned us about Jessie, but we didn't listen!" We all wrote why we wanted to be on this team.   But the reasons that no one wrote were just as important!
On Dec 23, Kim is overcome with emotion!  Or she's overcome with something!  haha Caroline is an awesome COD.  Here Kim & Rachel Th open their end-of-day gifts! "How am I supposed to eat  my lunch with Macey beside me?" 
When we listed the reasons why we tried out for Roanoke Juniors, Kim had some really good ones!  Then together we thought of others! Game over.....Lauren says, "That was fun!!!! Boxes are no problem for Kim! It's rare to get a picture of Kim.  So we're constantly trying to sneak up her. 

Peppering is part of our practice, & we do it hard!
Another point for Roanoke!!!  AWESOME!!!
At Ruby Tuesday's, Macey & Kim share fries!
I guess when you're waiting for the next match to start, you have to find something to do. Another Ruby Tuesday's moment.
Kim & Macey after Monument!
What a great tournament! 
We beat some HUGE teams!!!
The OH's worked for a long time one night passing the tip, then getting off the net. Between pools at Shamrock, we ate at Bellacino's.  Even though Coach Shannon created a new nickname for Kim early in the season, it appears that Kim still likes her anyway!  haha
Kimberly, Jessi and Taylor pose on Rachel Kennedy's birthday during our UVa tournament! "Happy birthday, dear Bekah,
Happy birthday to you."
Serving at Monument while Bekah "lobsters". You think Coach Houser will approve of these?
  Yeah, a March softball game in Asheville NC can be pretty cold.  Before we go to the lacrosse game, how about more clothes?  


Macey      Taylor      Kimberly      Rachel K      Morgan       Lauren      Bekah       Rachel Th      Jessi     Aidan      Caroline      Coach Houser


School: Hidden Valley High
Birthday: November 20, 1992
Class: 9
Height: 5'6"
Position: OH/DS
Years playing Jrs:
Years playing school ball:
Food:  Ice Cream
Color:  Blue
Movie:  13 Going On 30
Animal:  Piglet
Song:  Meant To Live
Thing I Like To Do:  Dance
Fruit:  Strawberries
Store:  Charlotte Russe
Restaurant:  Chick Flla
College Team:  Va Tech
Number:  3
Season:  Fall