#12 Rachel Thomas
Last updated:  12/19/2012 10:45 AM

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Finally.........we got our DC medals........
now where's the ball?!?!?!  Is it really gold?
Rachel serves a Monument! At Lauren's birthday party, we all had cake & drinks! The hats were a BIG HIT!!!  Thanks Coach Shannon!
Rachel hits a ball on Sunday of
Monument vs. Tri-State FCA. 
Against Fredericksburg, Rachel & Morgan put up a big double block while Taylor is ready to dig! My wife got you guys with that black icing! 
It's pretty nasty & slimy.......ewwwwww. 
The MB's got together several times in the first few weeks & learned "little, big, big".   Rachel's 52's got better and better!  She has a strong arm! OK, now what does "Lobster" mean?  Hmmmmmm.  On December 16, we spent some time jump training.  It took two shifts, but we got it done! Give Jessi & Rachel a little time off,
and there's no telling what will happen! 
We love it when people bring snacks at the end of practice. 
Is that position really comfortable?
"There are no more cupcakes?" What the heck are those four girls all looking at? Here is our prematch warm-up drill before playing a Charlotte team at Monument.  They were good!!
Really, I didn't need to see your black tongue.  The black smile (above) was enough!  You don't want me to put your tongue on your webpage? 
Then why didn't you show it all of us?  Sorry. 
Sometimes you let your teammates pass the ball, sometimes you take it yourself!
We had too much time in between matches on March 2nd.......... Now that we got our medals and gold ball, it's time to take pictures! At Monument, Rachel "lobsters" the other team.  If we know that the setter is a back row or front row player, it allows us to defend the opponents better. At the voluntary practice on Nov 25, we worked on serve receive.....forever!
........and later, Lauren & Rachel are still acting silly!  I think it's time to put the camera up! We ate at Bellacino's during a break at Shamrock.  The food was great!  Where's Caroline?  Oh, no, not again!  
  Assistant Sam tries to teach Rachel the two-person set.
But Rachel does just fine alone! 

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School: Hidden Valley High
Birthday: August 25, 1993
Class: 9
Height: 5'7"
Position: RS/OH
Years playing Jrs:
Years playing school ball:
Food:  Pasta
Color:  Pink
Song:  The Little Things
Actress:  Jennifer Aniston
Movie:  Gracie
Subject In School:  Math 
Singer:  Colbie Callit
Store:  Hollister
Fruit:  Apples
Animal:  Cat