#13 Jessi Fortner
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Jessi covers behind the setter at Monument.  Our rights played awesome!! Jessi stretches Caroline!  This should help prevent muscle pulls & sore backs!  On Feb 6th, we lost our practice time, but made the most of it!! We played Renaissance 15's from Pittsburgh in Shamrock Silver!  It was a great match!!


Jessi, pay attention. 
Stop looking at the camera!  Stop!
As someone who plays the right, Jessi must be proficient at setting.  How long are you going to wear that hoodie at practice? I warned Rachel about Jessi, but she just ignores me.  While Macey serves and Rachel Thomas "lobsters," Jessi is ready for the 1-ball.
At practice on Nov 25, the girls got to hit some!  Good job Jessi!! Jumping on boxes?  No problem!! At practice on Dec 9th, Jessi wore another pair of crazy socks.  How many of these does she have? Sometimes we really get tired of the firehat.   We can live without seeing the tongue also! 
"OK, it's up to us to block their big OH.  Should we take more line?  Or more cross?" If you really think a neck adjustment
will help your game, then do it.  Do it everyday!
Jessi eats Shamrock lunch at Bellacino's with Lauren & Morgan  
If I were the COD, we would be watching that lacrosse game! "Hey, Coach Houser.  Rachel & Taylor won't let me sign a card."  You haven't been stretched enough.  Let's try THIS! At that November voluntary, we peppered and peppered.  And the gym was COLD!  After we left Bellacinos, a few of the girls got a card game going. 
Here Kim and Jessi watch the game at the Salem Civic Center.
We went to watch a sball game for a while, then we watched some lacrosse, until we were called to the gym for our next match.  Remember, "Take your time".  Yeah right. Jessi gets on Rachel Kennedy's back for some pics before we leave Richmond.  Fourth in 15's Open at Monument.  Fantastic!!! On March 2nd, we played a tournament on the UVa campus...... ......and after some thrilling ball, and Rachel's birthday "party," we packed up and returned home.
  "This is what I think about loading up goodie bags on a Friday night."     

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School: Cave Spring High
Birthday: January 21,1993
Class: 9
Height: 5'6"
Position: RS
Years playing Jrs:
Years playing school ball:
Food:  Anything & Everthing
Color: Hot Pink
Movie: Delta Force
Actor: Adam Sandler
Song: So Long Self by Mercime
Singer: Jeremy Camp
Subject In School:  Lunch 
Comedian: Larry The Cable Guy
Store:  American Eagle & Targer
Restaurant:  Bellacinos
Number:  13