#21 Aidan Guilfoyle
Last updated:  12/19/2012 10:45 AM

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After about 6 weeks, the girls finally receive their DC medals! Aidan and Caroline with their hats that Shannon got from Firehouse Subs! When I turn my back at Bekah's b'day party, look what happens!  MORGAN, put that down!

We had a few minutes left over on Wed Dec 12, so we talked for a while..........

On Dec 18, we couldn't get in the gym....so we found other stuff to do!

Our MB's have peppered so much this year, they are now very good diggers!

Bekah brought drinks on the day we celebrated Kim's birthday!  Rachel, you can have one too!

.......then we talked about why we tried out for the team.  Good stuff!  Aidan hits Taylor's set at Monument! At U-turn, we drew names for V-day!  "This is going to be cool!"  We split into stations and the MB's worked on their blocking technique with Sam
Aidan hits the ball vs. Tri-State FCA during the 2nd day of Monument....... ........then on the 3rd day, she and Bekah stuff a big girl from Piedmont Triad! Aidan at Monument.  Thank you Caroline's mom for the great pictures!!! Everytime someone put on a hat, they started acting really weird....right Aidan?  Right? 
Getting ready for a team picture is always a big deal. Come on Sam!  Find somewhere to sit! Aidan hits again
at Monument!
Many of the girls wanted a picture taken with our gold ball! What an awesome Christmas present!
Everyone waits patiently for Coach Houser to take individual pics for the Player Page.  Macey goes first!
At our UVa tournament, Mrs. Kennedy brings the cupcakes.  Is there something wrong? Between Shamrock pools we eat at Bellacinos!  Thanks Fortners!  It was awesome! Before we can leave together on March 12, we have to wait for everyone to get all packed up.
While six girls were in a scramble drill, Kim, Aidan & the other girls conditioned. At HiNeighbor, we didn't stay at the baseball game long, and the sball game wasn't very exciting either.  


Macey      Taylor      Kimberly      Rachel K      Morgan       Lauren      Bekah       Rachel Th      Jessi     Aidan      Caroline      Coach Houser


School: Roanoke Catholic
Birthday: October 20, 1992
Class: 9
Height: 5'10"
Position: MB
Years playing Jrs:
Years playing school ball:
Food:  Cereal
Color:  Pink
Movie:  The Guardian
Book:  Surrender
Place I Want To Visit:  Ireland
Song:  I Am Yours by Casting Crowns
Singer:  Taylor Swift & Casting Crowns
Subject In School:  P.E. 
Animal:  Puppy
Made Up Words:  Cringlers & Fabulatastic
Musical:  Hairspray
Season:  Fall
Hobbie:  Reading & Jumping On A Trampoline
Restaurant:  Heavenly Ham & Ruby Tuesdays