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#5 Liz Brailsford 

School:  James Madison Middle 
Birthday:  Dec 9, 1992
Class:  8
Height:  5'9"
Position:   Middle Blocker
Years playing Jrs:  1
Years playing school ball:   2

Movie: The Notebook.     Restaurant: Outback
Type of Music: Rap, Country, Pop
Occupation: Magazine Editor, Pro Volleyball Beach Circuit
School Subject: Math.           Store: Hollister
Season: Fall.       College: University of Virginia
Actor: Channing Tatum.          Website:
Soda: Dr. Pepper.           City: Washington DC
Game to play when little: Hide and Seek
Type of Junk Food: Too many to name
#3 Emma Caveness

School:   Cave Spring Middle
Class:  8
Height:  5'5"
Position:  OH/MB
Years playing Jrs:  0
Years playing school ball:   2
Other sports:  Basketball

Movie: The Notebook.          Restaurant: Mac and Bobs
Type of Music:  Anything except opera
Future Occupation:  Personal trainer
School Subject: Math.       Store : American Eagle
Season: Summer.       College: UNC or JMU
Actor: Rachel Mcadams
Soda: Mr. Pibb       City: Surfside
Game to play when you were little:  Donkey Kong
Type of junk food:   Peanut butter
#11 Sarah Church

School:   Hidden Valley Middle
Birthday:  May 14, 1993
Class:  8
Height:  5'9"
Position:  MB
Years playing Jrs:  2
Years playing school ball:   2

Movie: Any movie that makes me laugh
Restaurant: The Capital Grille
Type of Music: Country       Website:  google
Future Occupation:  No idea
School Subject: Math.       Store : Forever 21
Season: Summer.        College: VT
Soda: Dr. Pepper.       City: Atlanta
Game to play when you were little: Hide and Go Seek
Type of junk food: Sour Patch Kids
#21 Marli Dabareiner

School: North Cross 
Birthday:   Dec 6, 1991
Class:  9
Height:  5'6"
Position:  OH/DS
Years playing Jrs:  1
Years playing school ball:   3

Movie : Pride and Prejudice
Restaurant: any Chinese restaurant
Type of Music: soft music & alternative rock
Future Occupation: lawyer, marine bioligiest
School Subject: math.              Store :any
Season: summer and winter.     Type of junk food: any
College: Duke and Clemson
Actor: Richard Gere and Sandra Bullock
Website:      City: NYC
Soda: Diet Coke.   Game when you were little: Candyland
#14 Courtney Gaddy

School:   Cave Spring High
Birthday:  Jan 23, 1992
Class:  9
Height:  5'0"
Position:  DS
Years playing Jrs:  1
Years playing school ball:   2
Other sports:  Softball

Movie:  Wedding Date
Restaurant:  Western Sizzlion.         Type of Music:  all
Future Occupation: Special Education Teacher
School Subject:  English.        Store : Abercrombie
Season: Summer.          College: Winthrop
Actor: Mathew Mconahay
Website: myspace.           Soda: Pepsi
City: Gaffney
Game to play when you were little: peek-a-boo
Type of junk food: Reeses
#7 Maggie Hedrick

School:   Faith Christian
Birthday:  Sept 18, 1991
Class:  9
Height:  5'8"
Position:  MB/RS
Years playing Jrs:  1
Years playing school ball:   3

Movie:  Shanghi Noon
Restaurant:   Ruby Tuesday
Type of Music: Christian Rock/Country
Occupation (when you grow up):  Teacher/Coach
School Subject: Rhetoric/Literature     Store :  Target
Season:  Winter             College:   VT
Actor: Adam Sandler      Soda:  Mr. Pibb        City:  San Diego
Game to play when you were little:  Candyland 
Type of junk food:   Yogurt covered pretzels 
# 20 Sarah Jessee
School:   North Cross
Birthday:  May 27, 1992
Class:  9
Height:  5'5"
Position:  S/RS
Years playing Jrs:  1
Years playing school ball:   3

Movie:  walk the line & dazed and confused
Restaurant:  macados
Music:  all, especially bob dylan
Future Occupation:  something fun
Subject: art.        Store: la de da
Season: summer.        Food: gum
College: college of charleston or anywhere in SC
Actor:  rachel bilson
Website:  ones where i can shop
Ciy:  charleston, south carolina
Game To Play When You Were Little:  dress up.
Drink: sweet tea
#8 Jocelyn Kellinger 

School:   Cave Spring High
Birthday:  Feb 13, 1992
Class:  9
Height:  5'4"
Position:  DS
Years playing Jrs:  1
Years playing school ball:   3

Movie: Stick It.          Restaurant: Brambleton Deli
Type of Music: All.        Season: All
Occupation: something in the Medical field
School Subject: Math.        Store : American Eagle
College: JMU, VT, UNC, UT, Radford.....
Actress: Sandra Bullock.          Website: myspace
Soda: Flavored sparkling water
City: Portland, Oregon
Game to play when you were little: Old Maid
Type of junk food: Chocolate.         Drink: Sweet Tea
#4 Kendra Meek

School:   Home School
Birthday:  Nov 11, 1992
Class:  9
Height:  5'7"
Position:  OH
Years playing Jrs:  2
Years playing school ball:   3

Movie:  She's The Man.......
I like any movie other then scary ones
Restaurant: Dynasty Chinese.       School subject:  Health
Music: Christian wrap or rock
Future Occupation: Coach/ PE Teacher (Phys. Ed major)
Store: Hollister.     Season: Summer
Collage:   UNC Chapel Hill
Actresses:   Gilmore Girls (names unknown)
Soda: Root-Beer.     City: Yampa Colorado
Game to play when I was little:   scrabble
Type of junk food:   Cheetos and Swiss rolls
#12 Samantha Ringer

School:   Hidden Valley High
Birthday:  March 25, 1992
Class:  9
Height:  5'7"
Position:  S/RS
Years playing Jrs:  1
Years playing school ball:   3

Movie: Nightmare Before Christmas
Restaurant: El Rodeo .    Store : American Eagle
Type of Music: Classic Rock and some new stuff
Future Occupation:  Pro Vball Player or Veterinarian
School Subject: STUDY HALL!!! ; )
Season: Winter.     College: UNC
Actor: Jim Carey and Ewan McGregor
Website: duh! ; )
Soda: Vault.        City:  Auckland, NZ
Game to play when you were little:  Tickle Monster
Type of junk food:  Sour Patch Kids
Head Coach:  Tom Houser 
Birthday: Feb 6, 1958
Class: Dan River, c/o '76 and 
VT c/o '80.
Years as a high school varsity coach:  18
Years as a high school JV coach: 10
Years coaching Juniors:  15
Married Sara on July 1, 2000.
Stepdaughter Caitlyn graduated from CS in 2004 and is attending Va Western.
Stepdaughter Lauren graduated from CS in 2006 and is playing vball at Radford.
Works at Staunton River High in Bedford County.

Movie:  Cheaper By The Dozen
Restaurant:  Any Chinese Buffet  
Type of Music:  Disco        Store :  WalMart
Season:  Spring       College:  VT
Actor:  John Wayne
Soda:  Mt. Dew    City:   Roanoke or Salt Lake City.
Game to play when you were little:   Baseball
Type of junk food:   Little Debbie cakes. 
Assistant Coach:  Shannon Haynes
Birthday: March 15, 1981
Class:  Bassett High 1999 and 
Ferrum College 2006
Years of school ball:  2 JV & 2 Varsity
Awards:  First team all-district 1998 and 1999, 1st team all-region 1999, 2nd team all state 1999. 
Played college ball at UVa-Wise.
A great high school referee!
Her son's name is Ethan.
Shannon works at Freedom First Federal Credit Union on Electric Road in Roanoke.

Movie:  Remember the Titans
Restaurant:  The Olive Garden
School Subject:  Math
Store:  Old Navy
Season:  Summer
Actress: Mariska Hartigay
Soda:  Mountain Dew
Game to play when you were little: kickball
Type of junk food: Tostitos and Salsa


Liz      Emma      Sarah C      Marli      Courtney      Maggie
Sarah J      Jocelyn      Kendra      Samantha      Coach Houser



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