2007 Roanoke Juniors 15's Open Team Page
The more of ourselves that we sacrifice for our team, the more glory our team will give back to us.
Last updated:  12/19/2012 10:45 AM.


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Tournament Websites:  Monument / Capitol Hill / Shamrock / Big South / HiNeighbor / Complete Tournament List
Team Tournament InfoACTS Richmond / Monument / Capitol Hill / UVa March 4 / Shamrock / HiNeighbor / Big South

Our final "Together We Can" at the CNN Center in Atlanta

Team Announcements

Final Rankings
We finished the season ranked 5th in the state!!!
We also finished 10th in the MidAtlantic Region!!  SWEET!!!!
CONGRATS to all the players and their parents!!!
Our Final Record:
78 wins, 29 losses!
We beat some good teams!  haha 
"What Makes You Special"
Those pictures are here!!!
Roanoke Juniors 15's Open Team Roster
Num Name Ht Posit Gr School
3 Emma Caveness 5'5" OH 8 Cave Spring Middle
4 Kendra Meek 5'7" OH 9 Home School
5 Liz Brailsford 5'9" MB 8 James Madison Middle
7 Maggie Hedrick 5'8" MB/RS 9 Faith Christian
8 Jocelyn Kellinger 5'4" DS 9 Cave Spring High
11 Sarah Church 5'9" MB 8 Hidden Valley Middle
12 Samantha Ringer 5'7" S/RS 9 Hidden Valley High
14 Courtney Gaddy 5'0" DS 9 Cave Spring High
20 Sarah Jessee 5'5" S/RS 9 North Cross
21 Marli Dabareiner 5'6" OH/DS 9 North Cross
Touch a players name to find out more about her and to see lots of pictures!   Touch here to see our team player page!
Head Coach:     Tom Houser
Assistant Coach:     Shannon Haynes

2007 15's Open Tournament Schedule
Day Tournament Jan 27th in Midlothian   FIRST PLACE!!
Monument City Classic:  Feb 3-4   5th Place of 32 Teams!!
Capitol Hill Classic in D.C.:  Feb 17-19   5th Place of 32 Teams!!
Day Tournament:  March 4, at UVa   SECOND PLACE!!!
Shamrock Festival:  March 10-11 
  25th Place Of 90 16's Teams!!
Junior Hi Neighbor March 31-April 1  
2nd Place of 32 Teams!!!
Big South Qualifier:  April 6 - 8  
33rd of 120 Teams!! GREAT JOB!!

Touch the tournament to see our team info!

From A Player!!
i really do miss these wonderful girls.  I will miss having them on my team, and just so they all know i don't think that ive had this much fun and accomplished this much on one team so far in my life.  thank you and thank the girls, no matter what, i still know that they will be there, and i look forward to seeing them all soon sometime.

From A Parent!!

I just want to thank you for such a wonderful season.  My daugher had such a good time. These girls got along so well, it was wonderful. Thanks for everything,

On March 15th, we celebrated Shannon's birthday by watching video of her playing in high school.  Then we watched The Little Mermaid
Here's when we exchanged Valentines Day gifts!!

On Feb 6th, our team had an interesting evening.......it was snowing outside and getting dangerous (yet the team refused to leave practice), many of the girls were learning new positions, I started showing signs of a drippy/sneezy cold (sorry germaphobes!) ............and the girls all wore matching T's and brought a cake b/c it was my birthday!




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